The Concealed Carry category

I’m still figuring out how this forum is laid out, so I hope this is even in the right category.

Is Open Carry the general discussion category?

I replied earlier to a topic in the Concealed Carry category before I’d read the announcement posted by @Robert that that’s basically the trash bin for bad threads? Says, “don’t reply to these”.

Then there’s that one topic “For the mature or not mature”, I’ve seen new posts to that recently. Were they posted somewhere else and then moved to that topic by an administrator?

Does the little lock mean something? Because I was able to reply to a topic about the End Times, and why is that topic in the trash bin? Is religion something we’d rather avoid? If so, that’s fine on a gun forum, I’m just trying to understand what I just did. I don’t want to violate a rule.


Yes, open carry is general discussion. Concealed carry is more sensitive subjects. You can certainly reply if you can see it. The little lock means that you have to reach a certain trust level before you can see it. So if you can see it, you’ve reached that level.

If something is put away to no longer be replied to, we have ways to do that.


Okay, thank you.


Tread carefully though. That’s a place where boundaries can be pushed, but only so far.


:+1: Will do. I’m not really the boundary pushing kind. I like talking religion and politics, but offensive speech is ineffective speech.


Concealed carry is where a kid can be a kid! Sort of…


Just use your head and don’t get into anything you would not discuss at home.