The Crap Customers Do...


There’s a thread about the crap other gunsmiths do.

This one is for everyone in the industry. Whether sales, gunsmithing, manufacturing, work in a shop, own a shop (employees do dumb things, too), tell us what you’ve dealt with. I’ll start us off with what’s on my bench, now. And what started this whole idea.

Don’t mind me. Just plinking using The Force. Objective lens? Where we’re going we don’t need…objective lens.


That’s a dirty girl…


That’s why the customer brought it in. It was filthy. Lol. Brought in 4 guns from his mother’s closet. No idea if they worked or not.


Wow. I need to open a shop, or pick up some work part time at a gun shop (I’ve put in applications)… if for no other reason than the constant amusement of things like that. The things your eyes have seen… :dizzy_face:


I’ve got some stuff over in the “other gunsmiths crap” thread, too. You would be amazed at the stuff people do to guns.