The crap other "gun smiths" do.... 🙄


Ok… I get so tired of people calling themselves gun smiths when they do not really qualify as an armorer. This rolled into the shop today…

First off, despite the dumb ass company that makes these “muzzle” brakes… most ATF officers that I know will bust your ass for having them. Sig Sauer tried this, in court, and lost. Thus the MPX had to go back to the drawing board.
But wait! It gets better!!!
Asshat used what looks like a mig welder on them… but wait! That only was because he drilled all the way through the barrel to “pin” it!
But WAIT!!!


They are both SKS… one is a crappy Norinko the other one is actually a good one.

Checkout this weld job…


Wow, who gave this guy his certificate?


This one is better…

This one actually warped the “brake” over so you can visually see that it is not straight.


I told the customer he better take the brakes off…
This is when he told me that the “smith” told him if he wrapped a sock around the brake, it would suppress it.


Ahh, ya, I’m going again with who gave this guy his certificate. Anything that reduces the report by even 1db is illegal, period. I learned that on like week one of school.


I do not think he even had one… I say had… ATF raided his operation and shut him down for ever. Ever ever… he had full auto parts n pieces and a whole lot of other stuff as a class 1


With no SOT


The way I understand it, to work on weapons of other people you have to be a licensed gunsmith. Too have the weapon in your possession for more than 24 hours, you have to have a FFL


This makes my eyes burn…


Yep… he was a FFL Class 1… he can no longer own or be around firearms… ever.


Yeah… and now the upset owner wants me to fix this bubble gum crap… hahhahahhahaha


Replace the barrel.


Dumpster fires…



That is scary!!!


at least there was no intent…



While we’re at it, a new question needs to be added to the background check form: “Do you now, or have you ever, owned a Dremel tool?”




Yep… I think he has more than one spare SKS… so, I think the plan is to scrap these and use them for parts.