The crap other "gun smiths" do.... 🙄


Maybe he was trying to make it shoot around corners :thinking:


Hahhahaha maybe… if it wasn’t for the massive bore on the “brake” it would have struck a “baffle” they are warped that bad.


Some people have no pride in their work. Not like a mistake on a firearm could hurt someone, or worse.


The guy was a hack… I have been repairing his work for 4 years. Hahhahaha


you can say the same thing about mechanics, computer techs, tv repairmen, tractor and big truck mechanics…always gonna find rigged up crap work…


Now has anyone seen that matchbook, the one that says “Be your own Boss”, laying around? I need to start the gas burner. Sorry, I am not good with humor.:rofl:


You should thank him for the business!


I would, but he can no longer be around firearms… hahhahahhaha
The problem is that it hurts the over all gun community here. Or anywhere for that matter.


Don’t forget the welding community. My Dad would have verbally berated me for a weld that warped a piece like that.


Yep… some people need their pee pee slapped… with a ball peen hammer


So while we cut apart this abortion of a “rifle” we discover that the “gun smith” used teflon pipe sealant tape to tighten up the threads he cut on the barrel. :roll_eyes:


That is f-ing dangerous!


So it wouldn’t leak the gas, of course! :woman_facepalming:t3:


Wow @RogueGunnWorks you have provided me with some great examples of what to expect. I seriously am going to have to work on keeping that straight face. I would have been embarrassed to have anyone see a weld like that. I think my dog can weld better. Not to mention like you and everyone how much danger he put the customer in.

So did the ATF raid the guys shop and found out what a hack he was?

Tactical you are completely right about the FFL. That is one of the reasons I keep turning down offers people make me to work on their weapons. I don’t have my FFL yet. I am hoping to be able to apply in Feb. Any tips for obtaining my FFL? I will be working at of my house to start with at least.


OMG, that stuff is for sealing the threads from leaking.


actually no - thread tape is to lubricate the joining of the thread - on most pipe the thread is a taper cut so that as it tightens the thread cuts into parent metal thus creating the seal. Course if you use enough tape to wrap a joint it will “seal” if the threads are cut loose or out of spec but not a pressure seal that can be achieved with pipe dope or a liquid sealant.


Wait till I post the video. At this point I am having difficulty uploading from my phone to Full30… so for now, links to my you tube channel



I use the tape on air, and gas. Liquid uses pipe dope with some tape to hold it in place.


I just do not use any of it on firearms… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face::boom: