The crap other "gun smiths" do.... 🙄


Only thing I use is a drop of blue loktite on areas I don’t want moving, but still want the ability to loosen if needed, like optics.


I have found that while blue works, I prefer the wicking grade green. Medium strength. It holds but I can get it apart. I can also clean it off easier. If a customer wants it on, and for it to never come off, high strength red or rock set. Hahhahahaa
I will use red for #6 screws on a bolt gun rail when it is a magnum.


Use green for #8 screws, same application


I’ll have to look at the green.


So at first I didnt understand why the previous smith took the hammer and other parts out of it… now I get it. Zero way someone could load this and beat that cylinder back in to try to fire it. :+1: I never give a firearm back that is dangerous or needs major parts assembled.
This one took a hand load… and damn near when full grenade. :roll_eyes:


Never return a weapon you’re not willing to test fire yourself.


This is my new favorite thread.

Luckily, the other smiths in my area are competent. I’m the new guy on the block. So, I don’t really have to deal with other smith’s garbage work. What I get are “I built an AR and it (insert malfunction)” and “Well, I saw on YouTube that (insert the most ridiculous claim you can imagine).”

Latest was a “built AR” that wouldn’t extract. So, I give the guy a diag price and start poking around on it. Extractor looks good. Gas tube hasn’t been hot. Still pristine. So, I pop off the guards and, sure enough, never been the least amount of heat on the tube. When I grabbed the gas block, it came off in my hand. Welp…there’s your problem. Guy never tightened it. Cost him diag and labor for me to tighten two set screws. I call it a “stupid tax.”

And, you have no idea the amount of restraint it took not to call the guy back and, in my impeccable Karl Childers voice, tell him, “Ain’t got no gas in it. MMhmm…”



I find this stuff hard to believe that anyone calling himself a gun smith would do this.
I think the owner did this himself and blamed a smith to avoid embarrassment.
A night of him and his buddy and a twelve pack??


Not sure… he wanted me to “fix” it… hard to fix a blown frame and barrel and an egg shaped cylinder. Hahhahhaa but, not much surprises me anymore.


There’s two rules of life that, once you accept them as dyed in the wool, red-letter gospel, you will never be shocked or amazed by anything ever again:

  1. People are stupid.

  2. Stupid doesn’t need a reason, just a location.

This gets me through most every ridiculous interaction with people.


@DTA13 Don’t buy those silly FFL guides. Just be meticulous when filling out the paperwork. And if you need help, you should be able to contact a local ATF agent for assistance.


These are back up and running.


Well done. Fixing other peoples mess is always a pain.


But… What about the wobbly sock suppressors? How is he gonna operate (more like oper-ten) with his SKS bullpups if he doesn’t have wobbly sock suppressors? You’re gonna get that fella killed. High velocity fragmentation from a baffle strike with no can is how you take out enemies to your left and right while engaging enemies downrange. Every tacticool cat knows that. Damn. :sunglasses:


One reason not to buy from anyone not completely trust worthy.
Can you imagine all the buggered AKs, Ars and 1911s there must be out there running around loose?




Couldn’t say it better myself. I did my application with no guide and got it approved first time.


Us, too. @DTA13 I called our local ATF a couple times for some clarification. The ONLY thing I got wrong (and was easily fixed) was that I said “owner/operator” instead of “member”. When you’re an LLC…you’re always “member”. The agent was impressed with our paperwork. It’s not THAT hard. Just be sure you have local govt taken care of first. Like we needed an established business (FEIN and LLC). Had to get a county Feasibility permit, too. That one sucked but we got through it. I don’t remember if we had to register for sales tax through DOR before or after getting the FFL. Oh - don’t forget to send the specified stuff to your CLEO. We sent it registered so we had proof.

Anyhow - the application basically walks you through what you need. Our local county stuff was worse than fed.

If you run into anything I can help you with, just ask!


Cool thank you very much!