The crap other "gun smiths" do.... 🙄


Ah…OK…disregard my misunderstanding @brianpurkiss


Did you guys see this article?


You mean porting your barrel with a hacksaw is a bad idea?


I know a guy that messed up his AR15 by using a cotter pin from home depot to replace the bolt retaining pin thingy. It gouged it up pretty bad, I dont think it fit right.


Did you take his AR away from him and tell him ‘NO’?


I laughed at him actually. I dont think he will be doing that again.


Are the retaining pins heat treated? That cotter pin bent and was a bitch to get all the way out. I think if he wouldve flattened the end of it better it couldve kept from gouging the upper but it didnt seem as sturdy as an actual AR bolt retaining pin.


They are heat treated, but nothing to crazy special.


Have you ever tested out cotter pins/keys for the retaining pin?



I will use mil spec and KNS but I have a lot of parts… I know I could use a nail if I had to… hahhaha


So I was reading this book by Ragnar Bensen its titled “Guerrilla Gunsmithing” the guy suggests that you can use a nail as a firing pin , is there any truth to that? Seems very “iffy”.


you can use a stick as long as the wood is harder than the primer, remember a firing pin works by compression, a lot of “pipe guns” use common nails.


Yes, and you use a double headed nail too! Hahhaa
It will just not last long. A few hundred rounds before it peens over.






So, not really another smith but a distributor offered this atrocity. Another local shop has been burdened with this nightmare for four years. Couldn’t even get people to rent it on their indoor range. They asked if there was anything I could do.

That’s right, folks. A full-size, Filipino 1911 in powder pink krylon. I’ll spare you all the pics, but, they seemed to have rattle canned this dumpster fire with the slide and frame married (as you could see the safety notch on the rails) and failed to cover the muzzle or remove the rear sight. And, they claim, the weapon functioned, but I don’t see how with every part wedged into place with paint (no, seriously, every pin hole on this thing was undersized because paint). After careful examination (by my sandblaster) we found it to be actual steel under this ice cream eye sore (honestly, I was expecting birthday cake). And, we managed to make it much better.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s still an Iver Johnson 1911. But, at least it’s a lot easier on the eyes. They should have no problem getting this one out of the display case, now.


At least a jury might be more understanding if it looks like the Easter bunny’s carry piece.


Nelson from the Simpsons has the best statement for its original condition.


So much gooder now