The crap other "gun smiths" do.... 🙄


Great job!


It looked like a pig wearing lipstick. LOL


Man, I’m just racking them up, lately. So, Mossberg 500 20ga. Guy bought it used and wanted it checked out (smart guy). The barrel was about a 1/4-3/8" out of the receiver and the barrel lug wasn’t mating to the mag tube. This was because the dead end of the ejector wasn’t correctly fitted to the recess in the barrel. That was the easy part. I feel like whoever did the “work” of this thing last probably has a business card that says," I has welder. I are gunsmith, now."

Exhibit A:

Customer didn’t notice it because it was so far out of the receiver. It still shoots true enough. But, it looks like a horse’s ass. He’s just happy it’s safe and hits where you point it. But, damn. Moral of the story is, “Your meth-head cousin, Leon the pipe welder, is not a gunsmith and should not be the one reattaching the rib of your shotgun.”