The Durham report

I would like to know, where it says in the report that Finds FBI Colluded With Clinton Campaign to Defeat Trump in 2016. Like… what page does that start at? 306 pages is too much for me to read. Im fricken tired.


No time to read it here either. Drowning, up above my eyeballs, in life that I have no control over. But hopefully the mandatory BS under the control of others will end soon and I’ll be able to spend time in things like that.

I bet that the media just doesn’t cover any of it and effectively buries it. That’s a sucker bet. Of course they will.


I’m not seeing anything new, just some well aged meat put out again for the red blue warriors to fight over.


The rat infested media is attacking the fbi whistle blowers 24/7
I hate nazi propagandists with every ounce of my being.

I now know why Dad favored a BAR…

1944 BAR



for lack of better words


First, the url, seemed odd, is it a directory, if so it has an index file blocking it


lets search the site for storage, nothing, rabbit trails here and there, archives etc, but what is this storage url?

A url specific search, for other files

no, but wait, what this channel


uh huh, weird, one video


lets slow it down, half speed, quarter, speed up, this must be backwards

Sure enough you can play a video backwards

the video is on its face, nonsense

Now the report itself, revealing?

With Crossfire Hurricane Investigation mentioned more times than there are pages I wonder, where is the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation report?


It came up for me, but I don’t have time right now to read it right now. My helper just showed up and it is oil change time for all my toys as soon as I eat and take my meds, maybe later.




Says it all IMO, but there’s a lot more, so when is it acted upon?

Better question is, by whom?


No one ,Congress is a bunch of Cowards


What about the Hague Court via the UN police force, the US is a founder of the Security Council, that forms jurisdiction


Fuck the UN, do we really want to set that precedent?


What do you think part two of a US shut down looks like?

If people can’t get their goods, they riot, can’t get their food, they do more than riot, with no government to stop them then the UN says, “NP, we got this and you are already our jurisdiction” as the US is founding member to the security council

Which actually would not include the Hague Court

United States will provide no support or recognition to the International Criminal Court. As far as America is concerned the ICC has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no authority

but rather the International Court of Justice (UN)

1 In the following eight cases, the Court found that it could not allow an application in which it was acknowledged that the opposing party did not accept its jurisdiction: Treatment in Hungary of Aircraft and Crew of the United States of America (United States of America v. Hungary) (United States of America v. USSR); Aerial Incident of 10 March 1953 (United States of America v. Czechoslovakia); Antarctica (United Kingdom v. Argentina) (United Kingdom v. Chile); Aerial Incident of 7 October 1952 (United States of America v. USSR); Aerial Incident of 4 September 1954 (United States of America v. USSR); and Aerial Incident of 7 November 1954 (United States of America v. USSR) .

The United States of America Original Member can appear

All while we were sleeping


The UN is one of the biggest mistakes ever made. But it was partly the brain child of one of the most socialist leaning Presidents of all time. FDR formed all types socialistic programs.


I would imagine it would or will involve a pile of brass, and me getting stuffed into a forever box.

The only laws I worry about, are the Constitution and Gods, the UN can kiss my old redneck ass. And I am good with my maker.


Here here :raised_hands: :clap:t4: :beers:


We’re built pretty much exactly the same, and I here ya, 5x5

but… the Constitution is an agreement between the states, its a yardstick they have to live up to as agreed, jurisdiction, and the federal courts are where you get remedy when they don’t

How secure is your state?

The one I (cough) live in is on this two year old list

Before it paid everyone to stay home and do nothing

Once the states go bankrupt do you think there will be a constitution?

Do you think the states won’t go bankrupt, and simultaneously like dominoes, a catalyst for a new day?

You picked up on the contents of Executive Order 13603 , now reassess with what that order means alongside an agreement between the states

Remember, its published into positive law even if its a unilateral declaration from the president

Which is what exactly?

Here are two verses to consider

All things work together for good and all powers are ordained by God

If you are resolved to oppose and be placed into a

are you actually


Consider also this, if Rome never fell as it did, would you be an American today?

A far more twisted question, are you actually Roman today?

Are those who do not know the past doomed to repeat it?

A freakish thing occurred when Rome fell

contrary to the custom of war, these bloodthirsty barbarians spared them, and spared them for Christ’s sake,

The Christian religion was in no small part strengthened and flourished by Rome itself, equally freakish

So, given these things, what might become of a future one world order?

Will Christ not rule the entire world Himself?

When is it ever truly black and white.


Absolutely my friend !! Very well stated.


Wow, that’s a lot to answer, and I appreciate the time it took you to write and research it, so I will try to answer it somewhat.

As far as the States being secure the northern part of mine is secure, and thanks to our last Gov, we have a large rainy-day fund, so not too worried about bankruptcy in the short term, as for bad guys coming in, they will have a tough row to hoe and winters that rival Russia’s, and we know how that went for the Germans. As far as an agreement between the States, well we already have seen that, back in the 1860s, I can see a new Confederation of States being formed, this time it will not be North vs South, but more like the Woke vs the Awake, or the commies vs the patriots if you will.

I have read EO 13603 more than once, and you are right, I severely understated it, I do that sometimes, not to dismiss the importance of it, but more in a gallows humor way.

As to what the Gods are, I know who mine is, and don’t tell others what theirs should be. It certainly won’t be the State or any .gov org. I am not a bible scholar, so I’m not so sure what the all things work for good part is about or means, context is everything, but I am resolved to oppose, and yes I am good with my maker, he has said not to bend a knee or worship false idols, and that is what is setting its self to be. As for whether am I actually Roman, well I am part Italian, if you were using the other meaning, I am a reformed Catholic. if that means anything.

I do know my history and I see where the .gov is heading, funded by certain unnamed billionaires. What is to become of the one world order? Good question, I think it depends on how many patriots are left to do the right thing, we may see a one-world gov, but in the end, they will turn on each other and be destroyed. We all know who will win in the end, that much of the bible I got.

It is always black and white when it is good vs evil, the devil in the details is figuring out which is which.

Just my .02


And when it comes to world leaders and political leaders is increasingly difficult to find a true blue conservative and freedom loving American.
Have we not seen so called Veterans get elected and turn out to be traitors or R.I.N.O’s
ie John Kerry, senator from AZ John McCain…etc (aint even sure about Kershaw)
Wolfs in Sheeps clothing .


Please don’t forget this scum bag.