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already bankrupt, have been for years…


Oh yes. . . What keeps it from all imploding i do not know.

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Faith, people still believe in it, have to, for once that is gone :grimacing:


Sadly it has for many, the whole scamdemic maddness, large communities going lawless, the middle class crushed by inflation, societal mistrust and degradation brought on by censorship. I’m convinced we are in the implosion, it just doesn’t look violent from our perspectives, they do their best to distract from big questions with these little manufactured side shows complete with freaks. Regardless of who goes to jail or who doesn’t, what flavor gets to hand out goodies for a bit, no matter what they say and do their will soon come a point when mathematical fact requires us to decide on a philosophical question; At what point does a debt in a debt based system that cannot be paid become slavery? The answer to that will force itself to the front at some point soon, that’s a big fork in the road.


Wish I still had it, don’t, but once had this interesting printed theory that demonstrated how our currency system so closely mimicked that of electricity, transistors, resisters etc all doing their job, transformers included, it helped to understand

First off, is that a correct description of what we have, do we have a debt based system, or a credit based system?

Is that air you’re breathing?

You won’t have the debt without first having the credit, so your question

Should first be looked at like this, where does the phrase full faith and credit of the United States government come from?

Its used by the FDIC

Who is the government?

Is there collateral for the credit, or is it manufactured in some other way?

In other words, does it not start out as volunteer slavery?

There’s some real backwards things we need to put in order to understand this better, I believe first off, that what you believe is what makes what what, are you a slave, a debtor, or are you a creditor, can you hold debt, own it?

Can we own our own debt?

Here’s a twisted thing, Christ took on all the debts known as sin, He instructs us to follow Him, should we take on the debt of those subject to us?

Individually take on PUBLIC debt owned by the Private party whose NAME its in?

Most US debt is foreign owned, is all?

What about foreign debt the US owns, whats the real deal with Ukraine?

What will the future of Europe look like with this new Ukraine?

How long have we been doing this?

Or just a continuum, ouroboros?


Not if it CAN be paid. Both parties have to understand a bargain if it is going to work, beyond being forced to work, not many out there understand the system… maybe that’s a feature and not a bug. We have passed the point of being able to ever pay it off, a mathematical impossibility, no past tense possible on this debt beyond flat default. I would venture those here will do better for themselves if we do default and start fresh.


Now we’re thinking along the same lines.

Allow me to up the game, consider our system as a copy of another system, that system contains a heaven and a hell.

If you can picture and relate it, then you can open your mind to something much greater, and work towards something more tangible, if your mind can’t quite conceive entering heaven, it might well conceive overcoming this system, give you more steam, get you going, if your soul is your mind, then freeing your mind now…

This is where the electric diagram helped, debts can be discharged, from here its a :rabbit: :hole: and whats important is you connect the dots