The Enemy Within, From D.C. To Your Doorstep


Amen :+1:


I own that book(Resistance to Tyranny) , try “The Reluctant Partisan” vol. 1&2 by John Mosby and Max Velocities books too. There also used to be a book called “A Failure of Civility” worth reading but not at current asking prices.


I did watch it all




I my opinion, things appear to be deteriorating. And with our do nothing worthless opposition to the libtard party, the Republican party will be of no help, if anything they are on the same page as the Democrats!


Read up , guys.
Ive posted some of this stuff before but these guys provide tons of info on training, logistics, setting up groups, tactics etc. Mosby goes over alot of history and experiences in his work and it really is pretty entertaining.

Apparently Mosby’s background is in infantry then as an Army Ranger and later in life he was SF(according to the info throughout his blog and books). He runs firearms/tactical classes for everyone from Cops to military to civilians but what he is best known for is his civilian tactical training and his “questionable” content on his blog and in his books. Make sure to go back a few years,on his blog to get an idea of some his real good articles.

He also posts over on the prepared citizens blog.

This is Max Velocities forum. He also runs a blog ,store, etc.
Here is his bio off his site:

"Max is a tactical, self-defense trainer and author as well as a lifelong soldier with extensive military experience, serving both the British and US Armies.

A former British Special Operations Forces operative with the elite quick-reaction Parachute Regiment (similar to US 75th Ranger Regiment), Max served on six operational deployments, including to Afghanistan immediately post-9/11, and also a tour training and selecting recruits for the Regiment.

Max then spent five years serving as a paramilitary contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan working for both the US and British Governments in the highest threat danger zones of Fallujah, Baghdad, Helmand Province, and Kabul.

These roles were operational security roles that included exposure to multiple different tactical training methods and operational schools of thought, as well as both high profile and low profile mobile operations across Iraq and Afghanistan.

Max then joined the U.S. Army Reserves to further develop and pass on his extensive training and combat zone experience. "

Ive posted a few of Max Velocities videos in this thread: (there are alot more in the series)


Great video and I’ll buy that book. Agree time is short. Things are deteriorating fast. And as I’ve said to my wife several times recently, a war is coming.
The Republicans are failing us and the Dems/Socialists are fired up and on the attack. I don’t see any path to a political fix. I’ve held Libertarian views for decades and just yesterday officially joined the Libertarian party. ($25 a year). But there’s just too little time and too few candidates for even that to be a viable option.

The fight now will start in the courts (god help us) and then in the streets.


Impressive video by a very well prepared individual who is well versed on what the impending clash will mean to us all. Just a short list recalling all the dictatorships under socialist controls in the last 100 years reveals that the first action they all took was to disarm the population. Once the people have no way to physically oppose a governmental threat, the freedom and power of the people is lost. Recall Hitler took power by legal means and by the existing governmental actions. My Dad fought the Germans of Hitler, I fought the Vietnamese of Ho Chi Minh, I do not want to do this again while it can be diverted. Please help an old man.


These progressives are a cancer , they spit on everything America stands/stood for.


Been telling you all to watch for the flood as this gentleman has stated.
Especially at the State Level.
Every chance you get let your reps know.


I’ve been writing my reps for years. No one listens. Especially in Ca. This is beyond politics now.


Excellent video…everyone on this board should watch that.


The book, “Resistance to Tyranny” is just a starting point. The book exists as a guide for further in depth study with huge amounts of references at the end of each chapter. The idea being to become an expert in one or a handful of fields.


that guy talks a lot and begs for money, he won’t do anything…