The forgotten hunting rifle : FN Mauser

1960 to 1974 FN made hunting rifles with Mauser actions. Some of these actions came directly from the company SAKO. These rifles are still floating around and in some rare occasions can be bought for penny’s on the dollar. The rifle featured here is one of those “ diamonds in the rough” it was found in The corner of a very old gun store forgotten about and covered with dust. When I asked the clerk about it he stated no one liked the claw extractor bolt guns. I purchased this one for $275.00 including tax out the door! Looking at there prices now will give you high blood pressure.

Note the lands and grooves! It was called micro rifling in its day. Count them 12 lands and grooves! Pictures are hard to take of this.

Do you have a forgotten hunting rifle? Let’s see it!


That rifle is a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing. Also, nice write up!




Very nice. Reminds me of my Dad’s Browning 264 WinMag that is a FN mauser action. They truly are rifles of beauty.


Beautiful rifle! Heck of a find/deal too.


Didn’t Roy Weatherby use some of these on his first builds ?

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As far as I know you are correct. He also used the over pressure hole in the action and in his design added 3 more over pressure holes to the bolt in case of a pierced primer!

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