The free state of Idaho

So Greg Pruett is the founder of the Idaho2AA.
This is an interesting article & video about the truth of right to carry in the state and what people may think based on a simple sign.
The video is worth watching.


Excellent. I cannot wait to move there.


So, in other words, only people who stand and argue with them for an hour can enter the fair. So after your argument, anyone around who can hear what is going on knows that you are carrying a firearm.
Why have the sign at all? Obviously that state’s law allows firearms, so no need for a sign.


I don’t know if the sign came down or not but the security were re-educated on the topic.
And that’s part of the lesson here. Know your laws and argue them if need be.
Too many people would just see that sign and walk away.
Just like “No guns allowed” signs in most private businesses even here in Ca, don’t carry any weight of law. You can carry in there anyway. But if it’s noticed you’re doing so you must leave if told to do so. But no crime has been committed. (Now in Ca that’s only true of CCW holders) But in Idaho, and other free states, permits are unnecessary.


Utah has the same basic law.
If any location does not allow firearms by law they must provide a securely locked and protected storage area for you place your firearms while at that location.
Exceptions are LDS church property (Why??) and some other church I have never heard of, or Federal Property that is properly posted as not allowing firearms with restrictions and exceptions as follows:

However I do know on the Federal Property if you have a reason to have a firearm it is allowed.
Goin to the Gun Range, Owner that lives on that property, Going to base Exchange for repair or other reasons, ect.

If not they will hold for you and then return it if you inform them.