The Full30 Blog


I was wondering why the Full30 blog doesn’t really stay up to date, or is that just how most blogs work? If not does anyone know why it’s so slow? What are all your thoughts on that?


Was wondering the same, appears to be abandoned.


I really hope not. Full30 is a great platform for all things guns and freedom. I can see this growing into the top sites for that if everyone plays their cards right.


Full308, et al:

I agree. Let’s all do our part to help make this the great place for guns and freedom discussions that we all want it to be.



If I had to guess, they’re very busy. Perhaps they could get more people to write for them? Open it up to other bloggers.


Does someone need to actually invite one of the moderators for their review and feedback?


I’ve only see @TomFull30 The site is picking up and needs more help, even if it’s shadow moderators.

As for the blog, I would like to be involved in that. I’m not a great writer, but do have time.


I saw somewhere that there were 4 moderators for Full30. Will see if I can find that again…


That’s a fantastic Idea. I hope they do just that actually. I don’t see why that would be a problem for them. All they would need is someone to go over articles before they’re actually published to the site. I’d love to see @Tactical_Reviews name on some of the blogs??? I love all the other content he has out there.


Thanks for the kind words.