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I have been told I dabble in scotch a little bit.


I prefer the Irish stuff, some Jameson or Redbreast. No taverns though ,too much drama and im in a relationship so Roberta’s knockers dont interest me.


A, toast!
To the owner /Administrator of this forum, @FULL30TEAM!

Two fingers of the good stuff out of my stash, Bib & Tucker, small batch Bourbon .92 proof. A little harsh on the roof of your mouth initially, disappearing into a sweet classic Southern easy sipping bourbon, delicious.

@Forum members! Okay boys the bar is now open, I’m pouring who’s drinking :beers:


I haven’t had the redbreast there’s a couple different Jameson’s would you care to share a description of either one.


Im not the best at describing whiskey but heres a description:
“Jameson Irish whiskey is produced from a mixture of malted and unmalted or “green” Irish barley, all sourced from within a fifty mile radius around the distillery in Cork. The barley is dried in a closed kiln fired by clean-burning anthracite coal to preserve its flavour. Like most Irish whiskey, Jameson is triple distilled for optimum smoothness. The philosophy is balance, ensuring that no one flavour element overpowers another. The end result is a sweet-tasting whiskey.”

Ive had the 18 yesr reserve and loved it, the 25 year is my next to try. Red breast is a spendier brand compared to Jameson also slightly smoother and seems more mild flavor wise but Jameson is my drink of choice. Bushmill is gross garbage whiskey dont let anyone ever tell you different.


Each is different, some are smoky. The older it is the smoother it tends to be.


Which drink are you referrig too? All Scotch has a very stout flavor ,imo.


Joseph or Joe or asshole, I go by any of those.


Browning makes a 1911?


Not what I meant. I was referring to the Browning brand which is owned by FN.


Alex Jones (face palm)
…and here you whined that my jokes were bad.


That… I wouldnt mind doing that to a glock 34. Just for plinking fun.


Awesome, tell him its not cool to plug his own music in the music thread though.


I wish I could get my hands on some real southie grade moonshine. My last jar was labled white lightening with a sharpie, some 80 year old crazy hermit made it in his barn out in the boonies. Cool dude but god damn was it harsh.


I didnt buy my jar, he gave it to me. Old goober didnt think I would pound half the jar, I projectile vomited like the exorcist. My head mightve been spinning too,crazy shit. Im really a whiskey snob, preferably Irish but ive been thinking of grabbing some bourban. Theres so many brands of it now that im bound to find something good.


Ive drank a fifth of vodka through a beer bong then chased it with beer.


@jf89 you serious you got to be pulling my leg?


Swear on my dads grave.


I chugged the whole fifth then pounded a couple beers to keep from barfing.