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Now don’t go doing that we don’t want to upset his mother :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Double Toasted Marshmallow from Decadent Ales, brewed and canned by Dorchester Brewing Co. Boston Mass . Yep, toasted marshmallow on the nose and in the taste, odd as hell but the up front marshmallow taste is of the fresh out of the bag flavor while the lingering taste in the end is of the toasted on a stick over the fire flavor. There is plenty of sweet but a bit of hops citrus flavor to lighten it up some. The vanilla is there start to finish like the sweetness, both come up as the beer warms. These guys are some mad scientists of flavor, using schit like turbinado, muscovado, and coconut sugars, stupid money for a stupid sounding beer, well call me stupid cause I’ll buy it again if I see it!


I never care for or even try flavors, 101 & hoppy IPA are it, but somehow I think I could give that one a whirl :wink:



I’m in this year! :joy:


I’m in!


Not me, we must not even give away the make believe, thats just what they want, have us surrender a few fake days here, then a holiday, then all holidays, then sundays, weekends, weekdays


I’m reserving the right to drink on those days as well!!


@SAK today called for an smoked old fashion…quite tastie


Sounds tasty what’s the call, how is it made :thinking:


Just a productive week but definitely a unique taste on the pallet



A little wine with grilled pork tenderloin.


Mango Cream Pop DIPA from Decadent Ales, brewed and canned by Dorchester Brewing Co. Boston Mass. They nailed the mango cream pop! I smell a little sweet vanilla and citrus. The creamy mango is right up front, sweet tropical fruit flavors abound. The sugar level is high but so is the level of hops so it balances out fine. The mango/cream sickle flavor comes on even stronger as the beer warms. I want to chug it down but find myself taking small sips to savor more flavor, fuk’n outstanding!


Sosus Double IPA from Toppling Goliath Brewing in Decorha Iowa. Fruity aroma with a hint of malt. Tasty tropical fruit flavors, pineapple, citrus, mango and such. The malt is there but just a mild bready note, a little sweet. There is a spicy flavor there as well, almost a peppery bite but not supper strong. Not as thick as it looks, goes down super easy, dangerously easy.


Big Daddy rootbeer at Silver City Silverdale Washington


So that’s a vanilla ice cream root beer float with a Bourbon Sidecar? it sounds absolute awesome👍


Snow from Tree House Brewing in Massachusetts. Thanks to a Brother in Massachusetts I have a chance to sample some of the beer from this legendary brewery. I figured Snow was a good one to empty today with all the snow melt around here. The head on this beer replicates that fine wind blown snow look and like the drifts outside it melted quick. Light aroma, really fresh tropical smell, citrusy. Has a real mild, smooth tropical fruit flavor then dives into the citrus bitter and a grassy, peppery bite. For me a nice sipper with all the concentrated hop flavor. It got a little sweeter and richer tasting as it warmed. Just a fantastic beer, a unique drink.


You must find someone to pay you for this…


@jtallen83 Beer and Ale reviews are most appreciated! All the interesting new delicious & tasty sounding beer offerings YUM :+1::+1:


Treat American Imperial IPA from Tree House Brewing in Massachusetts. Mild fruity hop aroma, my 7 year old grandson said it smelled like oranges, nailed it his first sniff :+1:. So tropical fruit comes to mind when I take a drink, but not the usual, a little more spice, Kiwi . Interesting feel, goes from a creaminess to a fizzy bitter end. That fresh green hop bite lingers for a good while, gotta be a pile of hops in this brew! More grapefruity as it warms, less of the spice. Extremely enjoyable, very drinkable and again, unique! Thank you much Brother!