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I am enjoying lunch



From Richmond Virginia. The brewery is Ardent Craft Ales


Finally got home so I can dip into my Wisconsin Brothers care package :drool: Started with a multi hop version of Dare Mighty Things IPA from the Eau Claire Brewing Project DBA The Brewing Projekt. I smell a little citrus, grapefruit came to mind. The flavor, rather flavors are all over the place, every taste I can think of that could be in an IPA seem to be here. None are overbearing, they just flow into each other. Describing it is like catching a greased hog, just when you think you have it it slips away. Hazy with a little sweet and a little bitter. I can’t find the ABV rating but after a pint I’m pretty sure it is on the high end.

Thank you Brother :thumbup:


Another one from the care package :thumbup: Terminal DIPA from that Eau Claire WI The Brewing Projekt. Has that Tropical fruit like aroma, sweet. A nice sweet orangey citrus flavor up front. Finishes with a dry orange pith bitter, nothing overpowering just a very tasty beer. My wife says it taste like someone put orange juice in a beer. It appears those Wisconsin brewers got it going on!







Ohh, daddy like.




I’ll try that!


@Robert that could be arranged :wink:


Where do they sell it, Im guessig not at gun shops? Lol


Lets get arranging!


I would like to point out that the guy on the beer can is using an AR15, not an AK. So the creator obviously has good taste.