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I am enjoying lunch



From Richmond Virginia. The brewery is Ardent Craft Ales


Finally got home so I can dip into my Wisconsin Brothers care package :drool: Started with a multi hop version of Dare Mighty Things IPA from the Eau Claire Brewing Project DBA The Brewing Projekt. I smell a little citrus, grapefruit came to mind. The flavor, rather flavors are all over the place, every taste I can think of that could be in an IPA seem to be here. None are overbearing, they just flow into each other. Describing it is like catching a greased hog, just when you think you have it it slips away. Hazy with a little sweet and a little bitter. I can’t find the ABV rating but after a pint I’m pretty sure it is on the high end.

Thank you Brother :thumbup:


Another one from the care package :thumbup: Terminal DIPA from that Eau Claire WI The Brewing Projekt. Has that Tropical fruit like aroma, sweet. A nice sweet orangey citrus flavor up front. Finishes with a dry orange pith bitter, nothing overpowering just a very tasty beer. My wife says it taste like someone put orange juice in a beer. It appears those Wisconsin brewers got it going on!







Ohh, daddy like.



I’ll try that!


@Robert that could be arranged :wink:


Where do they sell it, Im guessig not at gun shops? Lol


Lets get arranging!


I would like to point out that the guy on the beer can is using an AR15, not an AK. So the creator obviously has good taste.



Dare Mighty Things from that Eau Claire WI The Brewing Projekt, another beer from that Wisconsin care package. This is an Amarillo hops only version. Still has that fruity aroma and a sweet tropical fruit flavor up front but transitions to a little hoppier flavor with piney dank notes, nothing overpower. Smooth all the way through with a little of that fizzy thing at the finish. Good schit Brother!


Man, that looks tasty. Cheers


I just picked up 12 more of these today.


Anybody here drink Old English 800 or 211? That stuff will put some hair on your chest.