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IDK about all that, but if you smoke with Wild Turkey you can remove some


120 bottle of whiskey it’d pretty rare here
They only produce 12 bottles every 5 years


I had some 18 year reserve… that didn’t last the weekend. Lol


Unicorns, rainbows, and large gold plated pistols?! Let’s drink!


Gunpowder from that Eau Claire WI The Brewing Projekt, Brother, I am getting seriously jealous of people that can regularly get these fantastic beers! This is an IPA with green tea and it works. The tea is noticeable in the aroma for sure. It has a citrus, maybe grapefruit flavor up front, a little sweet but not much, not like some southern sweet tea’s I have had. The green tea adds a bit of a dry finish, mild bitterness but with a tea flavor, thick and smooth. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t get all this stuff that I want………


On it.

THAT sounds really tasty!


HUSTLE Pale Ale from that Eau Claire WI The Brewing Projekt, another beer from that Wisconsin care package. Has that tropical fruit aroma. It has that ripe grapefruit flavor, sweet with a little bite, maybe some lemon like notes at the finish. I think I am tasting some malty flavor underneath, like a cream ale. Another outstanding brew from the Projekt!


That one sounds really good. I feel the pounds packing on just from your description. LoL


They have a Double Gunpowder too, that in the package?


No, just the 5 IPA’s and a black label stout, only the stout remains in the fridge :disappointed_relieved:
I am struggling trying to find suitable beer in my area for a return package…


Had a pecan porter last night that was very good. It was creamy with the coffee taste that they have.


Dorthy’s New World Lager from Toppling Goliath Brewing in Decorha Iowa. Swear I can smell banana and that threw me off. Sweet and malty with a touch of a spice, a mild clove flavor in there as well as a touch of citrus. A bit of a bready taste in there as well. Goes down real easy with just a mild bitter on the finish. More of a traditional beer than I have been drinking but SO much more depth than a Budweiser! My wife actually liked this, drank half the can, for her very unusual.


Finally, a written breathalyzer test!


Haha, that’s great! Happy Thanksgiving Lone Wolf457738b248dcf9076a11902d1e3fdf9d :beers:


Happy Thanksgiving @SAK


I’m stealing that.


Make sure you passed 1st!:joy:


Untitled Art Black Stout from Waunakee WI. WOW! This schit has flavors behind flavors over top of flavors! Inky black just like the can. That’s a 300 lumen light put right up against the glass, maybe penetrated a 1/2 inch. The flavors I taste, molasses, brown sugar, ripe cherry, maybe raspberry or blackberry. Tastes like some coffee somewhere in there. A smoky malt flavor in the background all the way through. Some dark chocolate in there as well. Very smooth, almost syrupy, thought I tasted notes of the old school Vick’s Formula 44, in a good way! Leaves a dry smoky taste in my mouth, similar to a good very dark chocolate. The stuff packs a punch as well, obviously a higher ABV than the taste led me to believe. The last of my Wisconsin care package, might have saved the best for last but then they were all so good I may have felt that way no matter which beer I tried last. :thumbup:

Thank you Brother! :hail:


Long Route Peanut Butter Porter by Empyrean Brewing Company of Lincoln, Nebraska. Smells like peanut butter toast. Tastes like Peanut butter toast. There are hints of a hop flavor but peanuts dominate. There is a touch of sweetness as well but not much. It feels pretty thin for a porter. Contrary to the advice on the bottle I thought the flavor was better as the beer warmed a bit.


'Tis the season :santa::mrs_claus: Merry Christmas everyone :beers: