The FULL30 Tavern 🍺 🥃 Open 24/7


ArmedEyeDoc, triple flight nice.



They have some tasty offerings. I wasn’t a big fan of the rye though.



ZeeLander IPA from Toppling Goliath Brewing in Decorha Iowa, brewed with a hop from New Zealand, Nelson Sauvin . Has a citus/tropical fruit with a touch of dank pine smell. Starts with a big burst of bitter orange pith and a unique floral marigold flavor called out by the brewer, I’d swear they put marigold blooms in this beer. There is a dank piney note but not real strong. The bitter fades to a melon fruit with notes of a caramel malt. Leaves with a sweet floral note and opposite most IPA’s of this style the bitter is all up front in a big burst then quickly fades. Has a resinous oily mouth feel that lingers on. Another very tasty beer from TG!



Great shot @SAK!



Jingle Java from Bent River Brewing in Rock Island, Illinois. Not real strong on the coffee flavor, mostly toasted malt. Hints of cinnamon and caramel with a touch of a boozy flavor.



Dunkin’ Coffee Porter from Harpoon Brewery in Massachusetts. A roasted malt and expresso aroma. A heavily smoked malty flavor with hints of coffee and maybe dark chocolate which gets a little stronger as the beer warms. A nice balance of sweet and bitter and a not to thick, not to thin feel. Pretty well balanced but leans on the smoky side.



Yep finally cold enough here in MN. Grabbed a 6 pack went and volunteered at the Waconia Vintage Snowmobile show for about 4 hours got home to pop a top…frozen (Beer Slushy) Global warming.



Holy shit…I have to try that bc my name is Zee!!!

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Wake Up Iowa Coffee Stout from Backpocket Brewing in Iowa. Almost black with a strong, pleasant coffee aroma. A very clean coffee flavor up front then a little hop bitter. Finishes with toasty malt with a hint of chocolate and caramel. A nice balance of sweet and bitter.



Listen up you beer reviewers!

If you don’t post an ABV I am scrolling on.

It’s a huge part of the mouthfeel.



Many don’t have it listed, you can always look it up on beer advocate…
why don’t I just copy and paste the brewers description…

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I quit drinking , but a beer sounds fantastic :no_mouth:



Also a non drinker here. I too miss the beer. :no_mouth:



I rarely drink anymore, but if I’m out for a steak, no can of coke or glass of water will do, IPA & Bourbon :+1:



Not to worry the FULL30 is stocked with a full complement of non-alcoholic beers👍
Several of them are actually very good you’ll have to try them yourself to see which ones you like :grin:



Supa Sumo Double India Pale Ale by Toppling Goliath of Dechora, Iowa. Figured Supa Sumo was appropriate for Super bowl Sunday, first taste tells me it’s appropriate for ANY day! Has that citrus and pineapple aroma with a hint of mango. Taste follows with a tangerine and pineapple followed by that tropical melon flavor, mango, maybe a touch of sweet lime. Sweet but not sticky sweet, a touch of pine bitter but only a hint. A very deep, complex flavor profile. Has a thicker juice like feel in the mouth with light carbonation and that oily feel left behind. This schit is ambrosia if you enjoy hops!



Looks delicious.



2015 Barley Wine Ale from Charleville Vineyard Microbrewery in Charleville, Missouri. Has a bready fruit aroma with a hint of alcohol. Taste follows closely but with that caramel sweetness. Almost a brandy like fruitiness with a nice but sneaky booze kick. Also taste that woody character you get from things aged in a barrel, not sure if this stuff was but it taste like it. Bottled in March 2015 it has a 10.5% ABV but I’m not so sure that hasn’t gone up a bit with age. Skeptical I would like barley wine but this is good schit.



Cloud Catcher Milkshake by Odell Brewing of Colorado. Had a melon fruit aroma. Taste starts with a good blast of hops bitter but then a fades to a milkshake with berries flavor in the middle, Sweetness fades to a tasty lemon hop fruity taste. This is pretty good stuff for the money! 6.8 on the ABV….for those that care.



@SAK A Sunday brunch and few ice cubes to help cool down from the heat…cheers everyone!!