The FULL30 Tavern 🍺 🥃 Open 24/7


He died 15 years ago so hopefully not.



Tomorrow is Father’s Day, To all the fathers out there busting their butts day-in-day-out to raise their children the right way! you guys know Who You Are, I raise my glass to you :beers::tumbler_glass:@FULL30 DAD’S!


The wife got some of this for me…

I can’t say I recommend it…


@switchpod, that’s awesome even though you don’t care for the flavor it’s the thought that counts!


That is true, and she got this as a backup!


@switchpod, looks Frosty just out of the freezer? You got a great wife most thoughtful!


Thank you Brother. I’ve been trying to get her on the forum. Still no dice.


@switchpod, same here she’s going to wait till there’s more female participation.




@BeardedMinarchy, welcome thanks for stopping by!


“you get a pass” :thinking:


Were you not also born the same year as Jeffery Dahmer? I will stick to tide pods and my 90’s saftey helmets ,thank you very much.


Youre probably a KFC fan too huh?


@Everyone, you guys talk about music a lot and I really didn’t have anything to listen to music on, my brother suggested this, it sounds really sweet


I will take a shot of NyQuil and a shot of Jameson. “the Irish lullaby”. I’m still extremely sick. Any of you watch the ranch on Netflix? I generally do not watch television, but for this I make an exception.


101 ,its pretty good. I just finished the fifth.


Im ok with a beer but not a fifth.


With Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot?


Going out in the desert to shoot with a new gun and a cold beer is just one of those things.