The FULL30 Tavern 🍺 πŸ₯ƒ Open 24/7


Whats ECRW stand for? I have plain one and one with a ’ :fu: ’


East coast round wall
We are life long skateboardser
We built and build skateparks in backyards


Cool, I mean at least skateboards are not communist :rofl:


My back yard


cheers everyoneπŸ‘


Dude, that looks like it would be fun while your drunk. Do you still skate…ride…or whatever you guys call it?


Hey what is that?


Not when Your drunk
And when I can not as much as I’d like to anymore but I do occasionally






jf89, Bib and Tucker 6 year old, 92 proof :heart_eyes:


I have never pushed plywood. Always rode haro, schwin, mongoose. When I was older Kawasaki!
Hope we can still be friends!


I push this a lot now a days instead


I’m just having a Seagram’s Extra Dry martini and de-burring the primer vents and case mouths of a 50 round box of new brass as I visit the forum.


Right on Brother!


Just got home from working a NR A banquet


Welcome home Brother!


Is there a beer thread around here? Maybe just a what are you drinking tonight thread? Love a good craft beer as I’m sure many here do so someplace to share the good the bad and the ugly might work.
A few I have tried the last week or so, Mods feel free to move or retitle this any way you see fit;
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