The FULL30 Tavern 🍺 🥃 Open 24/7


We have the The FULL30 Tavern beer 24/7 :+1:


Nice I was just doing that The FULL30 Tavern 🍺 24/7


So, CHEERS! :beers:


Cheers brother


Got it! I will be frequenting the tavern for sure!


Well looky there…now your here :grin::grin::grin:


Citra Ass Down DIPA by Against The Grain Brewery in Louisville KY. Tropical fruit smell, initially a creamy mango flavor but goes quickly to a more citrusy, hoppy flavor, maybe a touch of spicy dank in the middle but ends with a nice clean tropical fruit flavor, sweet but not sweet??? Smooth all the way through, leaves a real clean feeling in the mouth. A hard one to describe as it is very deep and layered with flavors. I will buy it again if I see it.


Not much for the fancy stuff
But it was a interesting description


jtallen83, Looks and sounds tasty👍


Not as much fancy as it is how beer was meant to be, regional and more a display of the brew masters skill. Once I spent time in Germany regular American beer just had no flavor. I drink less this way as well, too expensive to slam a sixer!


Don’t be a tease now, how is the taste of that Zombie Dust?


Don’t mind me I’m just a Cretan I like swill beer


It’s crazy good absolutely hands down my all-time favorite👍


I enjoy a good beer, but Coors light has never let me down.


Yeah, going to have to place you in the box for that one.


I drink Rolling Rock. I will drink coors on occasion. Its far better than Budweiser or Bud light


Little early in the day to be drinking, isn’t it?


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

When in deer camp, I sometimes have to start my mornings with what I call “White Trash Mimosas”. A Coors light and some OJ to keep the demons away. The small bit of alcohol, sugar and Vit-C, keep me in the fight and shake out the cobwebs… don’t knock it till you try it.

Call it a product of my misguided youth, drinking “Brass Monkey” before school.


Lol, was just wondering if I were falling behind y’all & needed to catch up!!


Nothing wrong with day drinking. Not all of us have a mangina, lonewolf.