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Bout to call it a day at the shop
What should one drink today ? Lmao


You better delete that, dont you ever talk about drinking in a derogatory way.



Why do you have pictures of a doll with my name on it? That is some deep dark disturbing creeper chit.


it was selfie picture directly from your full 30 account



:fire_engine::fire_extinguisher::man_firefighter: :fire::fire::fire:

put out the burn!


Are those extra clothes in those drawers behind the doll? Im thinking McQuade’s playhouse is just a little bit fu***d up.


Bastard, dont judge me!


Hop On Juicy Pale by Abita Brewing in Abita Springs, LA. Mild bready hop smell. Has a mellow melon-grapefruit taste up front, hints of pine and something like a mandarin orange, more pine in the finish but not bitter, very smooth all the way through.


Old No7 and Dr.pepper!


Best. Porter. Ever.





Love this stout, the initial taste is like chocolate milk!


Claymore Scotch Ale from Great Divide Brewing in Denver. Malty sweet aroma, starts with a smooth caramel flavor then the alcohol shows through, finish reminds me of a good scotch whisky, maybe why they call it scotch ale?


I’ll join you



jtallen83, The Claymore is really good!
:sparkling_heart: me some high ABV Scotch Ale, check out Founders Dirty Bastard :+1:



I am having a little bit of this. It is a tequila alternative but a little less bite.