The Fundamentals Of Single Man CQB


Ive taken a few courses on this stuff just not from this guy. Looks like a neat overview though. It’s nice to see more stuff geared towards civies like this instead of SWAT or Marines stacking doors in teams and storming the place.


I agree. Thanks for sharing the video.


Because full30 does not like Netscape and prefers to have us use Microsoft, where that tack on worms and other nasty stuff to your browser. I only got to see about 2 minutes worth before mu AV shut explorer down. (so full30 get your head out of your donkey and make this site safe for your users)

When you went from the kitchen to the pantry, any one hiding in the pantry would have shot you thru the wall just like the criminal did in LA and shot 6 cops from inside the closet.
A different approach would have been to jump past the pantry and gained access though the open door instead of walking right in front of the pantry wall before you got to the pantry door.

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I only just came across Mike Glover’s videos. Because fucking youtube…I was actually looking for M17/P320 videos to see people’s opinions on using it.