The 'Garand Thumb' appreciation thread


If anybody has a Facebook could somebody send him an invite? I dont do social media but he says in his videos he can be contacted on FB.

Anyhow , his followers are weirdos but I like his content. He is active duty Airforce and a professional thot smasher according to his bio and followers.
I will post a few of his videos I like, post any you particularly liked.





This is awesome. Gonna start watching his videos.




If you have ever been on a forum and seen a new thread from jf89, go ahead and hit That subscribe button!


I’ve met and chatted with him at a local vendor show recently. He’s a good dude.


He is my favorite content creator.
Did you refer to him as “Flannel Daddy”, when you met him? I heard from the youtube comments section thats his real name.


No, I referred to him as Sr. Airman Jones.


…and I sent him an invite to here, already. He hasn’t accepted. Invite was sent Aug 31.


Thank you. I feel like we need to build him an altar made out of ear wax and hair then maybe rename the thread ‘Altar of the thot smasher’.


he’s my current favorite content creator. Down to earth and logical, but highly knowledgeable at the same time. And the humor is fantastic.


Plus the flannel, if he was in a wife beater he might lose cool points.


I too like watching his videos. Didn’t know he made one with a PWS until I seen it over in the piston AR thread. Good stuff!


@jf89 I do all my filming in a wife beater and a thong. Damn I must lose a lot of cool points…


Switch to a toga then theres hope you.


Ok, so flashbacks of Animal House just went through my head.


Love that movie, nobody does tactical toga videos,t hat could be your thing. Your welcome.