The Great Westerns !!


Two things my ole man hated were levers and six guns.
A WWII Vet he carried his 1911 until his death in 71.

The only six gun I ever saw in our house was a Ivers/Johnson 22 LR.
He sold it because it was the same model that kilt Bobbie Kennedy.


One of the best times I ever had hunting was with my dad he was using a S&W model 629 classic blued .44 mag and I was using a taurus. 454 casull raging bull . Bear hunting . Even though we got lost for a couple hours in some laurel thicket . We Used a Magellan GPS handheld to get ourselves out. We had alot of fun doing the hunt together tracked several for a long ways but never rustled one up. Revolvers are more to me than revolvers they are memories. Dad was a levergun guy too. Revolvers and Leverguns and over under shotguns.