The Instagram Steel Target Giveaway Just Launched!


Just a heads up, since we recently hit 1,000 followers on Instagram, at midnight my time we launched a giveaway over there. If you use Instagram, and why would you not, it would be worth your while to check it out. Primeaux Targets has been gracious enough to sponsor an AR500 steel 1/2 scale torso target completely with stand hardware. The entry info and rules are posted over on Instagram and we will announce the winner on our regular Instagram live show Monday the 24th at 8pm EST. Good Luck To All!


I want this. All entered.


@Tactical_Reviews yeah no joke, i would like one to, wish they were giving me two, one to keep and one to give away LOL


Already entered a few days ago. Fingers crossed! :grinning:


the response to this so far has been nothing short of CRAZY, did not expect it


@brianpurkiss and I have been talking about setting up some giveaways once we get the Full30 podcast rolling. Soon we hope. Going to be looking for people to get involved.


@Tactical_Reviews @brianpurkiss you don’t wanna build on giveaways, the bulk majority of any audience are selfish, too many giveaways and you draw in even more that way rather than building a loyal core audience that truly believes in your project and supports you. giveaways are very nice for special occasions though. it may seem like that is all i do right now but it was just timing. we had the ghost & clover that was planned, then i hit 1K on IG and 2K on YouTube. so as soon as the IG is over, i gotta start the YT one… it is a lot of work giving stuff away. but at the the end of the day it is nice to see people involved. we had a very loyal supporter win the ghost & clover, so that was nice to see it went to someone like that, usually that isn’t the case.


Someone needs to create a steel target resembling the Facebook logo. Who wouldn’t wanna shoot the shit out of that???:sunglasses:


problem is that is trademarked and Facebook would surely sue if they new about it. that said, my fiends over a high caliber targets can make whatever you want, they just can’t advertise them… so there are options. :smile: