The Lee 1000 progressive reloading press

I’ve been using this press for well over a year now. If you watch every single step and ensure the primers are being seated, the press works well. But miss one primer and you’re cleaning everything.


Yeah, I’ve found that Lee products work well unless too much is expected of them.
Their dies, single stage presses and powder measures work as expected.
Anything fancier can run into trouble.

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Being new to reloading myself I expected this video would teach me something. You mentioned missing primers causing a mess so that’s what I expected to see and maybe what to watch for to avoid that kind of issue
It’s a bit disappointing to sit through a one minute ad just to watch a one minute video of the press working fine.
I know I’ve mentioned before that super long rambling videos bug me. But the same is true of super short ones for no apparent reason.
I know you can and have more to say or show. So let’s see or hear it.

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This was one of the older videos. I have some newer ones somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t find them.

This I understand I have the same issue with photos.
I expected filing by date would be sufficient but as years roll by it’s hard to remember what year something was let alone the month. I should have keyworded everything but it seemed like too much work at the time.
Paper filing is easier. I use the archeological system on my desk. The deeper it is the older it is.

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“What a drag it is getting old”


I have a 1tb drive nearly filled with videos. I’m working my way through them, re editing where needed and uploading on Full30. However, I’m scheduling the videos at 1 or 2 a day. I don’t want to flood the recent videos.

I have some newer ones somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t find them.
Look in the bathroom behind the toilet paper.
Sooner or later, everything winds up there.