The Liberator ??!!


Yeah, it was a piece of garbage but could be made inexpensively and used correctly could get the user a really nice nazi handgun, rifle, or submachinegun. I’d have held out and found someone with an FG42. :rofl:


The other wonder that dropped into France was the “grease gun”
Called the Campbell Soup gun because the soup company made them.

45 cal, it fired so slow they made a 90 degree barrel for shooting around corners. (out of turrets really).

Shot them in the 70s, won sharpshooter because I could pull the trigger single shot and it still sounds like auto fire.


Bwahahaha that sounds wild !! I have seen those grease guns on you tube and such but never held one.


Was those Buttstocks removable. They look so uncomfortable.



Of course I can be mistaken if shooting it prone with that bipod which how I figure it was used predominantly it woild be well supported.


That’s it.

I never fired an original or even a modern reproduction. But after the nazi paratroopers got the crap shot out of them in Crete the Luftwaffe (Goering) decided to develop a firearm that could be fired as both a semi-auto or full auto, be light, and have little recoil. The FG42 was the design. In Crete all they had were handguns and submachine guns and were annihilated. The FG42 was designed and built behind hitlers back. I consider it to be hands down the best shoulder fired weapon of WW2. Thank GOD they made very few of them, it’s really very good. It was far superior to the Garand IMO and decades ahead of it’s time. If I was military today and someone handed me that weapon I wouldn’t consider myself at a disadvantage against todays designs. IMO it was that good.

The last one that I heard of at auction sold for over a quarter of a million dollars. An original magazine alone will pay for a pretty decent used car today (edit: maybe not today). Hence my laughing when I said I’d hold out for an FG42 if I had a Liberator.

FWIW, at “my” LGS I saw what I believe was a 9mm reproduction of an FG42. It strongly drew me to it but not enough to want it. I didn’t have my liberator or a nazi holding it I guess and it definitely wasn’t the Warsaw ghetto.


An uncle of mine started carrying a greasegun and a Thompson in Vietnam after a rather disconcerting episode involving a Swedish K and a VC he encountered on patrol one day.


My old acquaintance from LI NY back in the day.
Bought a flathead 45 frame from him.