The Magician has appeared!


Hello folks, I am Merlin7, new to you all. I am semi literate both in computer stuff and social graces and most importantly I welcome “being schooled” by almost anybody. I am naturally a curmudgeon,so be patient. I was made aware of this site by way of Forgotten Weapons page, Ian is very engaging. I am also an old, retired gunsmith so my fascination with “things that are controlled explosions” and pre-M16 trained and a Vet. There, I am finished, I think.

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Welcome to full30




LOL, you deserve it, you endured the bot test and came out in tact!


I liked the little booger, bot that is.


Welcome to full30 mate!


Welcome to Full30 @Merlin7 Good to have you here. We’re going to have to ask you to leave your magic at home as we fear it and this is a magic free zone.

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list of working theories on Tactical_Reviews ways to 7k clicks



shazaam! OK, but can I keep the pointed cap?


Welcome @Merlin7
Great to meet you!


Only if you have a beard, a beard gets you a pass.


Facial hair has been a trademark of mine, it sometimes gets caught in work but it grows back.



    September 11

Welcome to full30 mate!


Welcome To Full30…:+1:


Welcome to full30! Now make a garand materialize in my hands.


Welcome to Full30.




Welcome! Glad you’re here! I thought Robert was going to throw you a bot down! Lol


Wait a minute. Merlin was a wizard or sorcerer (“source” of mana).

Magicians are just slight of hand and illusionists. :thinking:

Welcome anyhow - from another curmudgeon.