The medications that change who we are

One of our Resistance Library readers reached out to us recently and shared a BBC article that they found interesting. They said it reminded them of our piece Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings and thought it supported some of the connections made there.

We thought you all might find it interesting, you can find the BBC article they sent us here:


Its called a chemical lobotomy, ask your Dr before starting any new regiment, side effects may cause homicide, suicide, patricide, matricide, infanticide and voting socialist democrat.


Too many big werds, I be cornfused.


Isn’t reporting on this what got John Noveske killed?


Yes, I believe it and have mentioned it over the years as a possible cause for mass murders. It’s even mentioned in the ads for some of them. Psychotropics are some of the worst since they intentionally warp the mind.

I have some experience with it but recognized it early on and the offenders are on my “allergic to” list. One of them, an over the counter cold medication, is no longer made and I have no idea what in it was the cause of problems. FWIW, I was no where near to being a danger.

There is a side effect to every drug.


I had a Prof in school that made the point that there is no such thing as a side effect. Drugs only have effects, some are desired and others are not. You just have to limit the undesirable ones.


But sometimes the undesirable is better than the alternative.


Psychotropics can be dangerous…or fun.
All kidding aside - many behavorial problems could corrected with a right hand like my Dad’s

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What we’re talking about no amount of spanking in the world would fix. It’s drug induced. What a spanking might turn it into could be murder. The folks we’re discussing can’t think rationally due to the drugs side effects or in some cases outright “desired” effects.

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