The men with the golden guns: Mexican museum displays 'narco bling' weaponry confiscated from drug lords


Was watching El Chapo, an episode where a 1911 was being crafted, thought to look them up,



Bet those golden gun don’t fire many rounds. Gold’s pretty easy to melt, right?


Nice 1911! Too pretty to shoot though


Gold paint only, rest of gun is normal


decorated with gold,

And I’m sure they didn’t want to, not use them, rather they likely got special use :skull:


Those are pretty awesome to display but I’d never want to fire one.


Just find an open minded Kay’s Jewelers at your local mall.


Just as soon as I get that bacon street vendor license in Dubai :bacon:


I saw that same episode on Netflix. Not my style and wouldn’t think to add bling to a firearm even if I had the money, but still thought it was an interesting custom.



I’d shoot it :sunglasses:

I see these on GB commonly and for more $$$


Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’d shoot one, too, although I’d be afraid to get all that gold dirty and messed up. And if it were offered to me as a gift, I’d gladly take it. I just wouldn’t spend my own money on something like that. Not that I don’t foolishly spend money on other unnecessary stuff.


Oh, and for those who don’t read Spanish, the inscription on the gold .38 Super bidding that Robert posted above can be translated as “God forgives, I don’t.”


Probably how it got it’s name “Dios Perdona Yo No.”
if you fire it, god won’t forgive you





I read Colt .38 super and was sold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You surprised me. I figure for over $6k you’d want a 10mm


Manchaca suppressor and rifle works gold plates a lot of guns. Cool seeing full auto gold aks being blasted


Saddam had a gold AK.


Nothing is to pretty to shoot lol