The merits of the caliber debate with modern ammunition


I’ve often heard the debate that quite often devolves into yelling and random insults hurled at former friends. 9mm vs 40 S&W vs 45 ACP.
This debate has often involved older non expanding ammo, but what about modern ammo? What is the difference? In my opinion not much. Most of them have similar energy in 124gr (9mm) 185 gr (40 Smith) and 230 gr (45 ACP). I’ve seen deer taken with all three and they drop with a good shot or run off with an okay shot.
So what is the merits of one caliber over the other with modern ammunition?


Lead in flesh stops confrontations…just keep putting Lead into someone until they stop…debating which is best is like debating Ford vs. Chevy…


To quote the late Paul Gomez “Ammo in gun equals time in the fight”.


I personally prefer .40. as my carry ammunition. It’s a balance between the benefits and downsides of 9mm and .45. It’s just different aspects to train around. Modern ammunition is to the point where it really depends on what you want. As far as the issue of capacity, pack a spare mag. If you’re carrying a gun, you should carry an extra mag anyway, as magazines can fail.


I’m surprised so few people carry an extra mag. Mags are the most failure prone part of a semi auto when ammo is consistent.


So when I carry 9mm I carry one extra mag.when I carry 45 I carry 2 extra
Shot placement I think is more important than caliber.I wouldn’t wanna get short In the head with any caliber!And I like to think my pistol is only to get me to my rifle.45 -200 gold dot.9mm-147hst
Truck gun 10-22,twenty-five mag!be prepared.


^ This. I grow tired and annoyed at the caliber debate (and glock vs 1911 debate). They are all great tools and have their place and usefulness. All the infighting going on is nauseating. We should be respectful and supportive of each other.

Oh, and I drive a Dodge after having Ford and GM so long. :wink: Let the Camaro and Mustang guys fight it out. I’ll drive along in my Charger R/T comfortably while they street fight it out. :smiley:


The debate rages on 10mm or40cal but seriously you are so right!
It’s such an opiniony thing,and I wonder if, is the water cold or deep doesn’t play into this
You know my dogs bigger than yours! And make mine 76 Challenger ha!
And,any caliber beats a bucket of rocks🙌and you can have more than one gun!


That’s the whole point I was getting at. What’s the point? And I’m glad to find another dodge man.


I think the caliber debate is over, there is no benefit in using .40 or .45 anymore unless one lives in a ban state limited to 10 rounds. With 9mm you get more capacity, faster follow up shots, less wear and tear on the gun, cheaper ammo and with modern hollow points similar ballistics.


I definitely like a good 9mm cartridge–a lot actually. Properly love 9mm in fact. While I do think a .45 ACP has its place and I quite like it a lot and as you mentioned in that one example it will benefit some more than others. It doesn’t take away from the fact that 9mm is a very good SD/HD cartridge even in my single stack Star BM surplus pistol. And that’s where some caliber snobs annoy me a bit. But to each their own and in the end I love the options we have at our disposal. This also goes with shotguns too. I’m a huge fan of 20ga and get a bunch of hate from the 12ga guys. They both are awesome, I just like 20ga.

As long as we all have program compliance and are exercising our 2A rights I don’t care what cartridge or shell people use. :wink: I have a family member carrying 10mm and another carrying .460 Rowland so, yea, choice and program compliance is a great thing. :smiley:


after a long research, FBI Academy has suggested to LEO to switch from .40 and .45 to 9x19. the reason: pretty much the same penetration possibilities, easier to shoot precisely, more rounds in a magazine… and, as a result, more chances to survive.


Hahahaha! I dont about yall but ifi get shot with a bb gun im at least going to retreat and cuss for a bit lol.


Im not, ive had 9mm bounce off my thick skull . A .45 wouldve taken my head clean off.


??? Explain please.


I was just messin with the 9mm guys. Lol


Just checking, because I have had those whip past my head.
I didn’t like it.


I got shot in the arm with a .22. Dumb ass tried shooting a soda bottle while I was setting it up, it only clipped my arm but it hurt.


You got to hang out with better people.


I dont/didnt hang with him, We were at a shooting spot and he was there.