The merits of the caliber debate with modern ammunition


If you’re clearing a house, you should really be using 5.56x45…:grin::grin::grin:


I wish I could like this more!!!
Or 545x39!!!


I’m not gathering my info based on my practice drills.

I’m gathering my info based on watching hundreds and hundreds of gunfight videos.

They are FAST - but they are slower than one shot fast.


At least we can all agree on you should carry a gun!



A modern gun in any modern centerfire caliber is better than no gun.


I am contemplating switching to .36 navy since thats what Bill Hickok used.


I would be, or a shotgun. Law enforcement on foot chasing a suspect into an abandoned house would more than likely only be armed with his duty pistol


Dont cops carry AR15s in their cars?


They do here!


you can watch all the film you want, come Gameday it’s a whole other world


I thought you guys used frags?


yes they carry them in their cars either locked up front or in the trunk. Is there time to stop a Pursuit and go back to the vehicle to retrieve the proper weapons you would prefer to Take Along? You take what you have on you which would be their service pistol.


This guy used both 1911s and glocks for real, I think its personal preference.

"get a better look inside the mind of Pat McNamara, we asked him five questions about his job and his life as a soldier.

Okay, right out of the gate, where do you come down on the age-old debate of 9mm versus .45 ACP?


Now, I have a love affair with my 1911. But the caliber debate is f$%cking dead. It’s all about bullet placement. And the thing is you can get 9mm all over the world."


:+1: On the abbreviated version



Regardless of your caliber choice, this sums it up just fine


Im bumping the AR vs AK thread so lets go over there for a bit and argue about that.


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Interesting article