The merits of the caliber debate with modern ammunition


+1 Program compliance is essential.


That’s a pretty neat article. Never thought about seeing the numbers like that.


Paul Harrell…meat targets. Lol


Lmao, yep!



Glad you know about Paul Harrell. He is one of my favorite guns and ammo reviewers.


Paul Harrell is the man! I love watching him dismantle accepted theory lol.



Half the reason why my wife and I love his videos. The other is the humor both subtle and not so subtle like when he flips people off in the video. :smiley:


The pimp outfit one about killed me lol


omg yes. Gotta hunt for that one. I’m gonna start a topic of his videos. He and Brad (who runs his YT channel) absolutely need to come to full30.





Wow! It would be great if we could have/get Paul Harrell involved with Full30.

Any ideas on how to get him here?


15:23 bitch better have my money


I just popped up on his new mossberg video and asked to at least join the forum. Back me up and show some love lol. Group effort.


I added a comment to that latest video.


Fixed the link for you.


ARNWRKR I hear that, its always a good idea to keep your Gauge close at hand!


I have a 9mm, .40, and .45. I hate the .40. I really enjoy my 9, and .45. Both seem to be nice rounds. Just my .02. Use both 9mm and .45 as carry. Have a subcompact in .40 for carry too, just haven’t done it. But I believe that placement is more important than caliber, especially with JHP.


Have you tried a full size .40? I think the choice of gun is a big part of the equation. A 9mm full size is going to be a lot more comfortable to shoot than a .40 subcompact, and the same goes for a 9mm subcompact and a full size .40. You can also trying finding different loads to shoot if you want to carry that subcompact; most companies do defensive rounds of either 180gr or 165gr, but you can find 155gr or even 135gr in .40, and it can really make a difference.


I will try that. I love the kimber tactical pro 1911. I need to get to the range more. It’s hard in the communist state of Maryland to find many places to shoot.