The new HK 433 - What do you think?

IMO, I don’t really care for the aesthetics of this rifle. It looks heavy- like, gonna say 8.5 lbs as a 5.56 rifle heavy. If I am wrong then no big deal, but I am willing to bet it’ll be stupidly heavy and I’m also willing to bet the hand guard is pretty uncomfortable.

Based on looks alone, it doesn’t interest me. Just like the M1A SOCOM, looks ugly and bulky even if it isn’t.

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I think HK is overpriced , not to get off topic but what happened to the ACR? It had alot of momentum and was really popular back in 2014ish but now it seems to be a dead platform.

So dead I’ve never even heard of it!

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I think it looks badass, I want one.

So like the G36, H&K has simply used the AR-18/180 as a basis to create a “New” rifle. The Brits did the same, only the SA80 didn’t work, until H&K basically rebuilt it from the ground up which was perfectly PC at the time, as H&K was owned by Royal Ordnance and therefore “British” at the time of the “fix”.

In Germany, H&K could put their name on a piece of poop and the German Army would find a way to adopt it. It’s all about keep German workers employed.

The gun is probably too heavy and bulky for what it is, basically overbuilt, which some people wrong perceive as “quality”. The inclusion of “HKey Mod”, basically the old Key Mod rail system, but with the letter “H” added, so we know it is better, LOL. The price will be high.

Why H&K didn’t elect to go with M-Lok, just seems crazy to me. Then I look at that overweight POS that the Marine Corps adopted, fitted with heavy barrel, old style quad rails, bipod and a battery powered sight and I come to understand that the top brass who makes buying decisions, doesn’t actually shoot or carry guns themselves.

Really the only thing that seems to be new, is they probably, like a lot of companies do today, hired a art major to design the outside of the weapon and then fitted the internals into the cool, fashionable shell. That should tell you all you need to know.

As a U.S. Shooter, H&K can kiss my Butt. Their attitude continues to stink and they always act like they are doing us some big favor selling us what they decide is O.K. for the “little people” to own. Two words for you H&K; “Glock” and “FN”, that’s who is getting all the cash I used to send your way. Not another dime from me, ever. We HATE you MORE, WE WINi!!!

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No major forces will be switching away from picatinny anytime soon. It’s heavier, but its still a solid mounting system, and the current equipment is not designed to be used with anything else. Think about all the foregrips, lights, lazers, and other tactikool pieces of gear the the US uses. Switching away from picattiny would take millions of dollars in replacement parts and upgrades. I know the Brits may be doing away with it with the L85A3, but you still need the adapters for current gear, so now that’s extra parts and weight anyway.

I had no trouble going to the range and renting weapons during my time in the US. I lived there and had a green card so it was a slightly different situation than going as a tourist, but I’m pretty sure you’re fine as long as you’re not a minor and have a valid ID/passport etc