The new raving trend


At the shop lately it seems to me that almost every person that’s buying polymer framed pistols want a stippling job done
There is some profit in it I have done a few lately on the side but it amazes me that how many people want it done


I’m actually torn between doing it or not. I know it would probably alleviate some of the sweat slipping but then it could decrease the value of the gun if I ever want to sell it (fat chance).


Stippling isn’t a bad thing. It can help retain a grip, particularly when you’re sweaty. Some guns have better out of the box stippling than others, so it makes more of a difference for some guns.

There’s also the aesthetics standpoint - there’s some good looking stippling out there.

There is a problem with the mindset for many people who do stuff like this. People want to spend money to become better at shooting instead of putting in the practice.

I know USPSA grand master shooters who don’t bother with the stippling or texture of their gun. Stippling won’t make someone a better shooter. A good firm grip is more than enough for positive retention on a gun.


In all the years I have been doing this I have not had a stipple job but I’m old lol
But I just got 2 more calls about doing glocks for people
We like getting paid though


I have a m@p as wel and i have never even noticed that myself


Better than the last big craze…little shits eating tidepods!


When I got into shooting you trained with the weapon you had and adjusted accordingly
It never dawned on me to take a soldering iron to my frame but to each his own
It brings in cash to buy parts and tools


Keep at it! That’s the American dream!



I am one of those guys. I need more texture on the grip. I am self taught with handguns so that could very well be the problem.

My hands are not weak but I cannot hold onto slippery frames well. I notice that I will be readjusting my weak hand after every shot. Though lately I think I figured out what I was doing wrong and my grip improved.

On gen 3 glocks I used talon grip tape. That got dirty super quick and I figured I would be able to brush out stippling when cleaning.

So I did make Mr. Sprinkles.


so you lick it clean now?


The new M&P has an insanely aggressive grip texture. So much that my buddy stopped carrying his because he couldn’t deal with it rubbing against his skin. I use Talon Grips on my SP2022. I think they’re a great addition, and he plans on doing the same. I’ve played with a few stippled guns and it definitely makes a difference, but personal I stick with the Talon grips.


I went with Pachmayr. They have always stuck to the hand quite well. Hot-cold no problem. If it’s not raining we’re shooting.
Stippling is one of the newer fads “you must have” >> IMHO <<


I love the abrasive grip on s&w 2.0. But I carry owb, so no rubbing.


Sometimes, when no one is looking


Ahahahhahahahhahs that’s awesome


I was thinking more on the stippling and wondered if it compromises the integrity of the polymer?


No not as long as it’s done right
You don’t have to burn far at all it’s mostly surface


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I do it on special projects to add flavor… but on my personal weapons I do not do it. Not that we cannot…

I personally do not need it. I like polished wood grips too though. But I have shaken the hands of people that I go and wash my hands after because their hands are so sweaty / slimy… so I understand the need.
But I also think it is a status symbol that they paid their buddy $20 and a 6 pack to do some stuff on their bone stock Hi-Point. :crazy_face:
I have seen some crazy nice work though and I have seen WAY to many jobs that are “professional” that look like… well, buy a new frame and start over.


Wow! Nice!