The New Stribog 9mm RIfle At NRAAM

I have never really liked the Stribog pistols (with or without a brace). Yeah, I know, they are super popular and seem to be pretty solid and reliable. I just didn’t like the looks or something. BUT, I am not afraid to say, I like this new Stribog rifle. OK, OK, let’s be honest, a 9mm rifle is much more Fudd than a 9mm tacticool pistol with a brace, so that is probably the reason I like it so much. I hear that they are going to be selling rifle kits to for those who alrady have pistols but need to get around the stupid ATF rule for now and or comply with their stupid state regs. I gotta feeling you guys here on Full30 are about to lay it on thick with this one… so go for it. :joy::rofl: