The Niche Guns


Nice to see articles from Mr. Taffin.


He is I am sure partly responsible for my getting into not only wheel guns but the bigger wheel guns and hunting with wheel guns.


I kind of started with Mr. Keith so Mr. Taffin was a logical progression.


I wished I could tell you how many different articles I read of Mr.John Taffin but I would only be guessing its alot


He’s a prolific writer that I enjoy.

Sorta niche guns… I wish I had gotten into them sooner, but it happened more or less accidentally and I won’t go into the story. When I was able to hunt deer I still hunted them. Now still hunting is anything but still. It’s moving silently through the forest looking for an eyeball, part of an antler, sun shining through an ear, little things that mean deer. I enjoyed the close one on one and when I saw one it was always close, lotsa times they were wondering what it was that woke them at 25 yards as they wiped the sleepers from their eyes. For years I knew I didn’t need a rifle for what I did. Eventually I fell in Contenders and Encores and that led to wanting handcannons for the Encores, .308 Win, and .375/06 JDJ. Not for everyone. The folks who took me up on shooting them were few and no one ever wanted more than one try. The .376/06 JDJ, had me seeing my daily limit at around 20 rounds of full power loads and then my right hand/arm had had enough of that for the day. When I used them for Metallic Silhouette they really nailed the steel. Unfortunately soon after acquiring them I could no longer hunt. But I still use the guns when we go on walks and such. Since the .375/06 JDJ will drop anything on the planet I don’t think I’m undergunned. But one of the last hunting uses I put it too was for Moose. We didn’t see any, the cows which I had a permit for took off into secondary cover/browse and we never saw any after the first day. We saw lots of big bulls, which I didn’t have a permit for, but I tell people that it wouldn’t even kill a moose. It’s the gun right? The left blames the gun so why can’t I?

compared to a 1911 and .45 ACP

The cartridge. A 300grain solid was designed to go through 4’ of elephant skull.


Oh yeah , I got into the encore rifle and pistol thing also. Took alot of deer with both setups . I was previously a wheel man and after having my fill of encore I went back to my roots and got a big bore revolver . BFR .460 S&W Mag.
I too like the hand cannons :joy: