The not so silent majority


It looks like The new user MLO may well be another bot so I’ll not post on that thread. But the various pro 2A marches are a promising trend.
I found full30 ( as I’ve mention before) by following hickok45 on twitter. I’m done with social media now but still want to interact with folks with similar interests. So here I am.
While we agree some political topics are best avoided, pro 2A is open.
So being stuck ( for the time being ) in Ca I really would like to not give up the fight here.
As I also stated previously I’m pretty frustrated with the NRA while still a supporting member. I’ve tried to volunteer with no response and directly emails the So Cal regional representative. Again without response.
I currently bug my local politicians regarding pending legislation and my US congress woman Mimi Walters. Never a response with the possible exception of a canned reply.
So where do I turn? I’m tired of being the silent majority. I’m not a content creator like some of you and have no followers.
Does anyone here know of some group in Ca that is more action oriented as opposed to letter writing. I’d love to march on Sacramento but if there’s only a handful of us it seems pointless.
Keep in mind I ain’t young anymore (63) and I ain’t techy but I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.
Just looking for some ideas on how to get involved and organized.
Any thought appreciated.


Cali you say?? Wow, that’s really an uphill battle, man… Perhaps you should contact the Gun Owners of California and inquire whether they have something in the works?


Well I checked them out. Nothing on their calendar but a few dinner / fundraisers. I’ll probably join though just to see. Also might rejoin the CRPA. I was a member back a number of years ago and was still working then and didn’t have the time to participate. Do now. Getting kinda restless.


Oh gosh… So I guess they’re all talk and no walk?:man_facepalming:t3:


So I did rejoin the CRPA today and signed up for a get out the vote meeting with other members. The human flesh and blood kind. We’ll see how many are there and maybe gauge the pro 2A temperature around here. Maybe I can stir the pot a bit. At least I might get to actually get involved at last. We’ll see.


Also attend as many shootin’ matches as you can comfortably get to.
At least you will be among your own kind.
Usually will get the juices flowing.


Best of luck to you, mquinn55.

I lived in the Chicago area for a while and felt it was a lost cause (I kept my guns out of state while I lived there, so no direct issues occurred). Still, I did not like being unarmed, so eventually moved away without regret. Would rather live in a ‘free’ state.


You and me both brother. Sometimes I feel like in 30 years Alaska and Utah might be the last free states left. Hah. We will probably end up in our short list of western states so let’s hope in my lifetime I can still remain free.


Don’t forget about Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, the Deep South+North Carolina, Montana, New Hampshire and Vermont. I consider Virginia to be a toss. Florida is already lost. It’s about time Arkansas adopts a chrystal clear SYG law already.


Texas won’t be free long mate. Give it 2 governor terms and the state will be blue or 50/50. In three terms it’ll be solid blue. Mark my words.


Do you think so? Too many transplants from blue states… I hear ya. Same thing with Arizona, waaaay too many Californians are moving there, bringing their crazy anti gun and pro dope Libtard ideas with them. Arizona used to be solidly Republican, but exit polls from last election already showed Democrat voters are seriously gaining ground.
Overall, you might be very right…


Shit, AZ had been infected by californitis? That’s #5 on our states list to move to if the first four don’t work out.

Damn, that totally sucks.


Yep, it’s becoming a 50/50 State. More and more Liberals from blue states are pooring in. Especially from CA, MI, MA, NY etc bringing their Libcunt, transsexual thought with them. I guess it’s a matter of time. You might be right about your earlier comment regarding AK and UT. I think it would be best if all pro 2A folks move to AK and than secede.


We need to unite all the pro gun guys into one state, get some elected to office, change the laws and be so pro gun that the libs will be afraid to cross the border.

Border inspection stations. No gun, no admittance or pay an armament fee to the state. No resistancey without a real estate title or current rental agreement. Not a resident / can’t vote.

Sort of a pro 2A state compound/ militia.

( and I accuse others of living in a fantasy utopian world) :pensive:


No one move anywhere! Don’t brake up the United States. Those are all ideas the people that are driving this agenda want, and I will not play ball! Stand your ground! You are Americans, and Americans fight. Now prove your self worthy of being one and get involved at local levels. Call and let your congressman know where you stand. When the time comes “God forbid” tyranny comes knocking answer the door with steadfast reactions.
Moving, all going to one state, splitting up America are all ways of sticking your head in the sand. Do your job and be someone you can be proud of, and never let what scares you or bugs you stop from letting your voice be heard!


Again it’s just a fantasy. Don’t know if you’ve seen my other posts. I am involved here in Ca. Been writing letters for years. Now involved with CRPA. At least we seem to have kept Republican house candidates on the ballot for November and even have a Republican option for Governor.

But… let a guy dream. Jeez.


Don’t forget Missouri we have constitutional carry here and a good stand your ground law .


I apologize if you read that as me coming off brash, but it drives me up a wall to hear pro 2A people talk about moving, or state X, Y, or Z has no hope for the future. When someone says “screw California” “they got what they voted for” hello! Not every one voted that way. There are a lot of pro 2A people there and they need our support not to be the butt of a joke. That’s all I’m attempting to convey.



Florida is not already lost. In fact, one of its nicknames is the “Gun Shine State” because it is so gun friendly. Of course, some counties are more gun friendly than others, but Florida is still far better than probably most states for gun owners.

Florida does have the problem of being roughly half democrat. That definitely muddies the waters.


Last time I checked you need a permit and it needs to be renewed every year.