The Official Good Morning and BS'n thread


Amusing video from Liberty Doll. And tax free. Woo hoo!!



shouldn’t that been B BF?



Well, so here it is, almost 2am and no one seems to be on the forum. All is silent. Just me… talking to myself.
Yep, all by my lonesome.
So, that makes me wonder…Does anyone think that this forum is being watched by Big Brother? Would one of the people on this forum possibly be a spy? Hmmmmm? Does anyone worry about posting all these pics of the firearms they own? (Err, I mean firearms they found pictures of online)
I wonder…I wonder who here might just be the one looking for information…Let’s see… @LoneWolfMcQuade starts a lot of topics asking for photos of firearms, vehicles, knives, handguns, rifles, yadda yadda yadda…that we own.:thinking:
Then there’s @jf89 Always joking and poking fun, just enough to make you feel comfortable but not enough to push you away.
And @mquinn55 and yeah, the wifey @EQuinn. Who would suspect a married couple? James Bond used the pretty lady spy as his fake wife too on some missions.
And @Robert…I never see any pics of his stuff. And why the mystery gray man avatar? That thing screams “I’m with the government”

Not that I have yet, but if I ever post any pictures of anything, know that they don’t belong to me. They are not kept at my house. As a matter of fact, I don’t have a house…nor a boat.
Oh, the Jeep is not mine either. Saw it in a parking lot. Yep, I don’t even like Jeeps. I am not from Texas either and don’t live in Indiana. I’m not even from the United States.
So any of you forum members pretending to be gun and 2A enthusiists can just tear up all the notes you have taken on me because it’s all a lie. And I learned a thing or two from Penelope Garcia and have covered my tracks whilst using this borrowed computer. :shushing_face:
Yep. Sure is boring tonight.
Well, I think I’ll head back upstairs to sew and finish watching Aliens Resurrection.
Good night.:upside_down_face:



Im not with the gubberment but I did stay at a holiday inn express once.



So noted.



I am.

Since it’s of,by, & for the people.

I really have no firearms to speak of today, but, here’s a few from yesterday, & we’ll see about tomorrow.



All good points. I think they have been watching most of us since before the forum started. Lol. Just cause I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they are not really after me.:thinking:



Who said WE were not after you? Nobody denied it…




And, how do we know you don’t work for the government?

Frankly, I would assume at least a couple of people here do work for the government. But honestly, I am not one of them (given I don’t use Robert’s interpretation).

And, regarding being on at 2 a.m., I am sometimes on at that time, so don’t despair, some of us will be there at various hours.



I could be the designated distracter so while y’all are busy watching me …



Im here watching people and taking notes constantly.



I’m watchin all of you, ya’ll look suspicious…also good morning.



Ahh classic misdirection.
Psyop tactics of a government agent.
“Which one of YOU is the spy?” Asks the true spy…intending to throw suspicion off themselves by getting all the others to accuse someone else.
Nicely played :sunglasses:



I think @RedAngel is on to us. This site was created in a joint effort on behalf of the FBI and the ATF to gather Intel on individual gun owners and gun-running organizations within United States. Upon your joining the site, we have gained access to your computers, your cellphone, and any other electronic device that uses internet or Wi-Fi. Everyone here will eventually be detained and sent to a black-site for interrogation. This message will self-destruct in 3 minutes.







LOL (Gasp! I hope!)



not to mention the odd Foreign Provocateur…



Well damn it. The cats out of the bag. The jig is up. Truth time. There are 30 of us here from the Federal Unit of Lying Legislators.
(Hence FULL30)

The thing is, like all government programs we’re all screwed up. We’re only managing to get covert intel on ourselves.

But @RedAngel (a key member) stays up late drinking and blows our cover. Just wait till our boss Eric Sawlwell hears about this.



Welp…that clears it all up.



If one really wants to connect the dots, think about this…
@RedAngel sounds very similar to the Red Army, which we all know is Russia! Redirected questions & accusations is a page right out of the KGB handbook! Futher more, she is up & active here late in to the wee hours of the night while we all sleep! Why, you ask? Because our middle of the night here is the middle of the day there in Russia! Still following me here kids? Exact working office hours of a KGB agent! I’ll leave the last dots to be filled in by you, my 2A brothers & sisters…but I see only 1 possible conclusion on the matter…