The official Mosin thread


Good stuff, thanks for that info!

This was my thinking as well. I cannot remember where I read/heard about it. I dunno if mine was put back in to service with how good the bore condition is.

She was a badass. Fun fact, her first name is the name of an awesome sniper rifle in Borderlands 2. :+1:


There she is all cleaned up and refinished


Vs when i first got it


Looks great!


Nice assualt rifle. :+1:


I named my Shepherd after the legendary sniper :slight_smile:



Mosins were a passion of mine for a long time when they first started circulating regularly through-out the US. I put a LOT of research into them and was fascinated by the amount of history they have been a part of. I’ll try to share some of what I learned as time permits :slight_smile:

But for now, here are a few of mine:




I am not sure how you guys will react to this then…
And not sure if you saw the thread where we were talking about green dyeing wood in the gunsmithing section.

I will be hiding behind the couch just in case… in case hate will be thrown. :sweat:

This was a color test on a stock I will most likely discard.


MV, the way I look at things is that it’s your rifle that you bought with your own money so it’s your right to do with it as you please. Personally I’m a sucker for natural wood tones especially when a stock has some nice lines in it. It’s a nice looking rifle that you did a fine job on and if your happy with it that’s all that matters. How does she shoot by the way?


When you say discard, you mean sell to me for $75 +tax…otherwise, I report you to the firearms version of PETA!


I am happy with the results of the dyeing test.
Have been thinking of replacing this stock since I added that cheek riser.

And I cant remember how well she shoots. It has been a while. But she is coming with me to the range soon in her new dress.


I just might take you up on that. But first I will take it to the range in current condition.


For those in the DFW Texas area Cabela’s in Allen TX has a full rack of 91/30’s. I almost bought a ‘32 Hex head yesterday… Shit I’m tempted to take my Makarov up there and trade for it. LOL


That is actually pretty cool…how do you dye a stock like that?


Take a look here.


Very cool…thanks, I missed that thread. A lot of good info there.




I just learned of a new variant of the Mosin Nagant. Well, I dunno if it is technically a variant but…

Jeez, just imagine the recoil…


Owwwwwwwwwchhhhhh! :woozy_face:

Is that the Rusky version of the “Liberator” pistol?


Here is the barrel shank of my M1938 carbine I procured from AimSurplus in 2007. Anyone know what all the marks mean? Btw it’s an all-matching(stamped) rearsenal.