The Official SKS (CCCP)


My recent addition to the Family
a pre50 1st GRAU stamped Tula SKS (might be 48ish by four digit serial)
and with it came a 1944 Izzy TT-33, holster, mag x2, cleaning rod, landyard all for $345.


Very nice, srdiver!

Looks much nicer than the SKS I used to have (now, why did I sell it? dang!)


My father has a 1952 Russian SKS, which we plan to fully disassemble and clean this weekend. My 75 year-old shooting buddy doesn’t shoot anymore, so he is now my cleaning, preservation, and historical discussion buddy. :wink: Anyway, it has a serial number with 2 letters and 4 numbers…all matching. I am not familiar with SKS history, so what is a GAU marking and where is it located? Thanks.


misspelled GAU should have been GRAU
All of the SKS I have seen have the factory date and stamp on the body cover

My SKS only has the 1st GRAU Arsenal and leads me to think it started it’s life as a SKS-45, however it has the Star stamp on the side of the receiver and other parts.

on Soviet SKS I have seen in stores they also may have a “ГИС” marking in a diamond - which is Russian “State Proof Service” (Государственная Ипьітательная Служба).
I will also be digging deeper and stripping the stock and checking the trigger to see if auto/semi disconnect is present.


Great info! I will report back with my findings. Thank you!!!


$345? Ok, you drive a hard bargain. I’ll take it.


buying another Russian not sure about date (private sale) C$400 - comes with spam can and some loose rounds
pictures to follow


Where are them pictures


that the deal never materialized


Sorry to hear.


I only have 1 Russian SKS.


right now the Russian SKS are going C$200 + used and a new are C$250 + new. Chinese SKS are $200, Yugo’s are going for C$750. So finding and buying isn’t a problem, and may have changed direction and looking at a Norinco M305A for C$500.


Oh, Canada prices, your crates of SVTs, and SKSs…
I still remember nearly choking on jealousy when I saw Marstar a while back with their SVT selections and the prices.

Here they are $1200 and up.


SVT40 - C$700 AVT40 - C$700
or a two for one sale


I guess our Yugo prices are better


Svts were cheaper back then. 3 years back I think.


when one just isn’t enough


I need to take the time and look into the history of mine. Compared to the Norinco SKS that I had to deal with in the 80s and 90s, mine is a work of art. I will check it out later today.