The Paul Harrell appreciation thread


Because John Lovell can suck it. (NOTE: This is partially sarcasm)

Here’s a couple of my favorites. Post yours!


Why isn’t he here?


I wish I knew. I’ve been dropping comments on his videos to see if either him or Brad (the guy who uploads videos to his channel) can pick up on it.


Oh, and I would really like to buy some t-shirts with some of his slogans and even the pimp outfit to help support his channel.


talk about adding value to Full30 !

It would be great if he could join us here, in any capacity.


Whats his background? I like some
of his stuff, well most of what ive watched actually. I just started watching his videos a few months back.



Thats the pimp one man lol


Man I wanna high tech fleece bullet stop.


Former military, I suspect former LE, a trainer and had numerous awards for winning shooting competitions. He is the real deal.


Good to know , seems like a legit guy in his videos.


Lol I live an hour or so from Yakima Wa. I googled him and I have shot at a few of the same ranges he has. Seems people up here really like him, figure I wouldve at least heard of him though …guess I need to stop living under my rock.
He gets coolness points for being an Oregonian too.



Wasn’t there also a story where he shot someone in self defense? Or am I thinking of someone else?


yes he was involved in a civilian self defense shooting
guy in a truck
protecting wife


I discovered his informative videos about a year or so ago and am a big fan of his channel. It’s not just the information he conveys but the way he delivers it.


You be the judge


yah buts


Let’s crunch the numbers.


Its how good I shoot it.