“The pen is mightier than the sword”

Your comment makes me ponder the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” first written by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839

You think about the hate, and the anguish that the pen has carried on through centuries, the wars that has been started and the fights amongst religions. All held within the writings of a mans pen. The research done to try and substantiate hate through someone else’s pen. It’s quite amazing the feelings that a pen can carry on that time can never erase.

Our weapons we love are so minuscule to the power of a pen can have to the future. That phrase has always somewhat amazed me. His philosophy was that the freedom of the press is more powerful than the weapon. I agree but I think it even goes deeper. This ideology I’m sure is way the first came before the second. The fact the left holds social media and most of the media is a true disadvantage to conservatives.


Yeah, well that’s IMO due to the fact people take anything from anywhere as truth without using their own faculties/discernment to validate or simply consider other possibilities from whats written or told, that my friend is amazing


That’s true. But it can be used for good too. The founders had ownership of news papers as well. They even used it as a tool to influence the deceleration of independence and later the constitution. It was actually an invaluable tool. Without them owning the papers to spread the word or the desire to be free from England it likely would have never happened in my opinion.