The podcast is being revived


That’s right, we are talking about setting up a podcast. A few months back I stopped doing mine because youtube deleted the channel, and other health issues as well as the lose of my partner who started his own business which takes up all his time.

Watch for great things as we kick this in to overdrive. We’re planning to include Full30 members as guests, topics, and manpower. That’s right, you can be part of the team. @brianpurkiss and I are talking about all kinds of things.

Podcast Name Ideas?

I’m all up for this kind of thing. Should be fun!


Very cool!


It certainly is gonna be a fun project. :blush:


At this time we’re looking a month from now, early November on Monday. Time is still open. Now this is set with @brianpurkiss being on that show. If other Full30 content creators are interested in joining this project, please let me know. We can set up days and times that work for you.

My hope on this is to give Full30 channels another place to hawk their channels, talk about products, projects, etc.


I can see it now, some daytime programming. “As The Bullet Turns” . & at the end of the season, you’ll probably be nominated for the “Golden Bullet Award”!


Are you still considering ‘Liberals say the darndest things’? That would be pretty funny.


TR would be a cool game show host. Im picturing him as a gun happy Richard Dawson.


Yes, I would like to see a show about liberals say the darndest things. Something under 30 mins.

I also think a game show would be great. I’m open to all ideas, just need people to take the helm.

This whole project is to give all of you a chance to do a podcast. I’m just the host. Your show, your ideas.