The Preserve: The Longest Indoor Range in the U.S.

The Range at The Preserve in Rhode Island may be the nicest indoor range you’ll ever see, and certainly the longest. Range Reporters simply had to pay their remarkable facility a visit.

The Preserve boasts the longest indoor shooting lanes in the entire country at 150 yards. And because the range is literally built underground, there are no caliber restrictions - a rarity for any indoor range. The four full-length lanes are ideal for sighting in hunting rifles for optimum accuracy with no interference from pesky things like wind and weather.

But there’s more than just the indoor range for shooters to enjoy.

“We are a four season shooting facility,” says Eric Northrup, the Director of Operations at The Preserve. “We try to provide the best shooting experience in the world, whether its in our range or at our other outdoor shooting facilities.”

The indoor range also includes tactical shooting lanes with targets and range conditions fully controlled by an all-digital panel in the shooting bay that allows shooters to add flashing lights, sirens, and other distractions to their shooting and training experience.

Not only is the impressive range attached to an extensive gun and gear shop via a series of doors that form a kind of airlock, upstairs is a fully hunting and fishing gear store and archery shop for anything you might need, plus a digital shooting simulator that allows you to confront real life shooting situations in a completely safe environment.

We made the trip with famous YouTube shooter, 22Plinkster, to see what it’s like to shoot in the country’s coolest indoor range and to give you some tips on zeroing a rimfire rifle, fitting a stock to a shooter just right, and how to boresight a rifle without a laser boresighter.


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