The Problem is 'The Less Than Average'

Im opposed to anything anyone tells me I gotta do including shots.


Yeah , Free huh, not when they are telling you you aint got a choice. When they are trying to mandate to the car industry what type of vehicle they are to make they are telling you what you have to purchase.


Agreed. Remember the price of wire and conduit is doubled, & the price of fuel is doubled. The price of equipment is doubled, but not what they pay you to build it. We turn down work all the time. Not because we don’t want it but because we can’t afford to do it for what it’s paying.

Without the gov propping it up and mandating it, it would be dead. Socialism always fails.

In fact I just got off a call with subs and money folks and that was the whole call. We went through the numbers and killed the project we’re handing the work back.


Yes, we have oil, but over 70% of the global supply of oil is in other countries. Before oil crashed at the start of the pandemic, we were relying quite a bit on on fracking, which is not as efficient and cost effective to produce than straight vertical well production prevalent in Saudi Arabia. I’m all for responsibly drilling and producing oil and gas, especially as a means to help stabilize oil prices. But with oil prices as high as they are now, and OPEC continuing to cut production, why haven’t domestic producers come to the rescue?

I don’t believe Biden’s policies are to blame. In fact, the Biden Administration has aporoved more drilling:

Drilling approvals have increased since Biden took office.

“His administration is granting applications for permits to drill on public and trial lands at a pace faster than the Trump administration at the same point. From the start of their administrations through March 27, Biden approved 7,118 permits and Trump 7,051, The Washington Post reported.”

But here’s probably the main reason we haven’t produced more:

“[M]any companies are choosing to enjoy their high profits rather than increase the supply of oil.”

Granted, it’s an article from last year, but the US corporate oil price strategy appears to be holding and has carried on into the present.

Anyway, here’s another interesting article that better explains the global oil market and why we probably will not be able to drill our way out of OPEC’s current stranglehold on global oil prices in the near future:

As for Biden’s policies, this article probably better explains the Saudi Crown Prince’s actions in retaliation to Biden’s condemnation of the Khashoggi murder:

The article goes on to state that Trump vetoed punitive resolutions against the Saudi government in contrast to the Biden Administration’s more openly critical condemnation of the Khashoggi matter.

Again, the geopolitical issues in dealing with countries that hate us but who control a sizeable share of known oil reserves is a huge concern to me and our country’s national interests. For this reason, I believe we should attempt to improve alternative energy technologies to wean us off oil imports and let OPEC and Russia drown in their own oil.

Someone mentioned geothermal, and I think that’s a great idea. And Toyota also claimed a few months ago it reached a breakthrough in solid state battery tech that sounds promising:


With how impressed I am with simple Dewalt tools I believe there’s more of a future for EV’s than I do for fossil fuel, along with tech advancements there’s the fact people believe everything they are told, as such I can see laws creating hardships, tax’s etc, that push people into them as easily as people were pushed into masks and jabs.



I will have time someday, to address the reality of markets, macro economics, and how the radical left and the full fledged commies lie by omission, out right lie and misuse statistics to promote their totalitarian agenda. In the mean time try to wrap yer noodle around this…


Absolutely ridiculous the hypocrisy behind all of this climate change climate alarmist :ox::poop: