The PS90 ruined me, now I want a Five Seven handgun


I wish they weren’t so spendy. Anyone here have one? I’d love to learn your experience with it.


I’ve shot one a few times and tuned a few of them
My opinion of them is that there a fine firearm a bit bulky for my tastes and the grip is hard to get used to
It shoots flat and light recoil but I wasn’t overly impressed for the price point


They are light though yes? Also what are the holster options?


Eh weight isn’t really relative to me I generally carry a 1911 and I don’t pay much attention to that
Holster options not a 100 percent sure about I’ve only seen 2 galaco holsters at the shop and one was a shoulder rig


A rifle and a pistol sharing calibers is pretty darn awesome. Outside of the PCC world, there aren’t many that can do that.


That was my thought. Plus the handgun has 20 and a possible 30 round mag capacity. That with the 50 round mag from the PS90 that is A LOT of rounds if you have both.


Awesome you get the double Ching Ching of the cash register every time you pull a trigger


50 round box of American Eagle runs $17~20. Not that expensive. It’s the FN cartridges for self defense are however expensive.


I love your ps90. Almost bought one when they came to Market, but the ammo was very hard to come by and expensive when you could. That’s why I end up getting the tavor later down the road


Don’t give up mate. Go get one you won’t regret it.


Check out this cartridge. It’s almost 600 ft.lbs. of energy out of the PS90. Now that’s no joke.


Worth mentioning since I just remembered.

I know someone who owns one and shoots one. He’s a darn good shooter, better than me (for now…).

He can shoot it extremely fast since it shoots so dang flat. He used to use that as his go to gun when the competition format didn’t have caliber requirements.

It’s a fine gun, no doubt about it. It’s the round that is the point of debate - it has its pros and cons, but that’s a whole different discussion.


They are pretty awesome!

The only holster I have for a 5.7 is the Blackhawk cqc.


Awesome! Im jealous!


I would be willing to have that discussion but I need more research in order to form an educated opinion beyond me going “weeeeeeeeeeeee” at the range while throwing it down range.


Dude. Can you be my friend?


I believe that you can get a AR upper for the 5.7 that ejects out the mag well.


Dude, I just saw that on youtube. That’s awesome.


WTF James! I thought we already where friends?


Well duh.