The Puto .. The Football....and... The Vatican


FIFA fines Mexico for a slur many people who were there claim they didn’t hear

this site wouldn’t even print the word



On the same subject matter what the hell is going on with the Vatican, someone is changing the catechism site


Funny. Because puto is really slang for “bitch” not “faggot”. Guess the idiots in FIFA take it a different way than the Mexicans.


The best thread ever made, I guess?


Actually it means fucker , my fiance is hispanic and has lived in both South America and Mexico as a kid. She did say some people might have a different meaning for it due to slang and where their family or teacher came from though. “Huto” means faggot though and chinga tu madre means “go fuck your mother”, my personal favorite thing to say in spanish. Also “Vales verga” is a pretty funny thing t say to people being rude.


It does depend on where in Mexico indeed. Closer to the border it means “bitch” to some people but can also mean “fucker” as you mention–it’s a rather interchangeable word. Most of the Mexican friends of mine use it mostly for “bitch”. I speak “border Texas Spanish” so it’s likely not very accurate the closer to Mexico City you get.


Vales verga mesns “youre not worth dick” really offensive to some mexicans.


I thought it was all Cubans in Florida? Thats different spanish,bruh. Puto means “I love you” to them.


My fiance is from the McAllen area by Brownsville, she said theres more sketchy banger types in that area then where she lived in Mexico or South America (Handuras and Guatemala).


Pendejo is a good one to call your boss. Its a term of endearment.


That’s no joke. My sister in law was an district attorney in El Paso… Shits super dangerous around the border.


Impressive, you got a knack for it from the looks of things.


Impressive, I wonder how long before we get a pope that admits he is a maricon?


Haha… I chuckled. :smile:


I posted this song in the music section too, great song.


another useless post on a Gun forum…will it ever end…The Horror, The Horror…


Lol useless to you maybe, Robert probably finds it very useful.


Watching Nigeria and Germany and this happened:
I looked up and the TV said NIG-GER 2-0



No, I walk around with a helmet.