The Reloading Bench


New to the site, but been a shooter since the 1950s. I began reloading in the 1970s and that morphed into a small home FFL business for a number of years. Got out of that yrs ago, but I still shoot and have been getting back into reloading again after I retired in 2014, about when “the gvt buying up ammo” scare hit. Maybe a reloaders topic wd be nice for us reloaders to share our winners and our losers(few hopefully)


Hello from the uk, I have just purchased a mauser fr8, just for paper punching, any information on reloading would be gratefully appreciated.


Do you have access to decent reloading manuals over there?


Yes we do , but I seem to remember reading somewhere that a a 120 grain bullet was super accurate in the fr8, because of its short barrel


I assume the rifle is chambered for 7.62x51 NATO…correct? There are several decent rounds/loads out there for that ctg, as it is ubiquitous here in the states… I wd stick to data printed in a decent comm’l manual, like CCISpeer etc. I try to stick to Hornady #3037 150 gr FMJ-BT bullets. I recommend you try to get powder loads appropriate for what you want…do not guess!!

Some helpful hints I have found: 1. separate fired cases by brand after cleaning.
2. resize to factory specs 3. trim cases after sizing…try to get all cases to the same length within 0.001 4. for accuracy you need an accurate powder measure ( hate weighing powder) 5. stick with proper primers and the same brand if possible. Good luck


Yes 308 stamped on the barrel, 7.62 on the reciever. I have purchased a Lyman reloading book so I’m planning on following that